Hi All:))

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Joyce345, Oct 16, 2005.

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    Hi All,

    Talk about brain "Fog"! LOL I was here about a month ago and met some wonderful people. I actually had to register again but this time WROTE all my info down. Boy, am I a sad case or what? Recently, I realized how much I need your advice and input after having another horrible flare-up.

    I was dx over the summer thinking it was just my arthritis but I found out differently. It's not normal for a person to hurt all over and there were days when I was just in bed aching from head to toe. This Doctor told me it could be in my head, HA-HA,or it was actual physical pain. Needless to say *I* am NOT returning to this man. So I'm trying to deal with it.

    We live in Southern NJ and just this past week experienced 9 days of constant wind and rain. We were fortunate because there was hardly any flooding in our area, but the weather did catch up with me. Finally this past Friday, I stayed in bed because I couldn't move a muscle:( I lay there thinking that I should get back here, read, research, and meet people who are feeling as I do.

    Sorry this turned out to be a long note, but I am so frustrated because I know I'm limited as I also have other health problems. I'll try to answer but today the fingers (darn)are stiff. I guess I just need to get my "oil can" out! LOL


  2. Joyce345

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    Hi angelfm & Carrie,

    It was so sweet for the both of you to welcome this "Fog" head back. I was on the boards for a few weeks, found out alot of info and thanks to you two, have realized that it's NOT in my head.

    I've read some of the recent posts and there's SO many different topics, so I'll pick and choose as I'm sure you do. I'm not comfortable with chat because I type slowly, get nervous as I found out that chat rooms go very quickly. I've only been invovled in one which was health related and found I couldn't keep up the pace.

    The weather is beautiful here today and I know that it's helping heal this poor, hurting body:) I hope you're having a great day:)))
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    I'm surely glad you came back as you sound like one of us, sad to say! I am sorry we meet because of pain, but one good outcome is to meet and exchange ideas, gripes, etc. with one another knowing that we are understood! I know what you mean about staying in bed all day because you hurt...I did it one day last week, but for the life of me, I can't remember which one. Talk about brain FOG!

    Also, you made a wise decision not to return to "that" doctor. Maybe someone on the board knows a good one in your area, or you can go to the physicain referral on the top of the message board main page. You never know.

    I, also, am frustrated as I feel like such a drag on my husband and feel like I'm not contributing anything to anyone...my husband doesn't feel that way, and I'm sure those in your life don't feel that way about you, either. But, it's hard not for me to feel that was=y.

    Talk about long...just got going. Welcome back. I'm not always this windy, but I can be! (-:


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