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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by biddys2007, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. biddys2007

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    Hi everyone: Haven't been on for a long time. Lots has gone on in the past several months. Had half of thyroid out in December of last year,hubby changed jobs to another trucking company,home every weekend. Got all my teeth pulled out in May of this year and now ready for my dentures. Plus I also went into a deep depression. Then this past month on August the 6th my daughter and her boyfriend were in a head on collision,it was the other guys fault but her car was totalled and they were both hurt seriously. They had to cut her out of the car and she had bruises,bumps and an open end fracture of her right leg,she was in the hospital for days and of course I was there with her. They did surgery that morning on her leg and she has a rod that goes from her knee to her ankle. Have been taking care of her for the past few weeks but thank the good Lord she is doing better. Her boyfriend,who is on active duty in the National Guard had come for a visit and he was hurt even worse than her,he has 2 broken legs,the right one is bad and he also has a broken right wrist and hand. They had to send him to St. Louis to be taken care of by a specialist. He is now back home with his family and is doing good. The man that hit them was 64 years old and walked away without a scratch. He saw them coming but was in a hurry and passed another car and couldn't get back into his lane fast enough and hit them head on,Nikki tried to get out of his way but couldn't do it.Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts. Hope everyone is doing ok or at least able to get around. Getting late and need to check on Nikki and call hubby. Talk to everyone soon.Hopefully I can keep on this time and keep in touch with all.Biddy
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    Sorry to hear about your daughter and her boyfriend. Whew!
    Talk about a brush with death! Thank the Lord they are alive!!! I will pray for their recovery to go well. In the
    meantime please make sure you take good care of yourself too, okay?
  3. Janalynn

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    I will pray for a continued recovery. Obviously your daughter and her boyfriend had an angel watching over them. Thank goodness they weren't killed or brain injured.
    I imagine the stress of the whole situation must have been/must be very difficult on you. I hope that you're taking good care of YOURSELF. We always tend to put others before ourselves, but try to remember, that you're no good to anyone else unless you're well.

    Prayers and thoughts coming your way............. =)
  4. biddys2007

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    Thank you all for your prayers and concern. Right now they are both doing good;better than I would have thought considering how serious the accident was and how bad her car looked. They both had a gurardian angel watching over them and I'am sure thankful for that one. I'am going today to see about my dentures and sure hope they are ok,tired of trying to eat and boy this is a good one getting tired of ice cream. Take care and hope everyone is doing ok. Biddy
  5. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.

    Do take care of yourself as much as possible.

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