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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Takesha, Oct 31, 2003.

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    I had a moment to pop it and read and pray for the posts some.
    I can't help but notice we have a lot of people here who are in a war with depression. I think it would be neat if those who are battling this could find a way to pray for each other. I don't suffer from depression myself but my oldest daughter is bipolar, and I have to admit, that since I've never struggled with it, it's hard to know just how to offer comfort and encouragement. PRAYING I CAN ALWAYS DO!
    I guess the thought I had is that when you pray you plant seed, and in praying for each other especially, you'd be planting seed for your own healing. Does this make any sense? Anyway it's just a thought.
    Maybe someone would be interested in posting and "anit-depressant" scripture daily, or article ? Or maybe we could do a "Praise Report Chain", were we can add posts for the good things that happen during the day, and help keep the focus on that?
    I know there is nothing worse than for someone who doesn't share your battle, trying to give advise, but I just thought I'd sort of "throw" it out here for feed back.

    I will keep praying for all of you. I know my daughter "feels" nothing on a daily basis, no joy, no elation....just a mixture of anger, and fear.
    I pray in the Name of Jesus that He will replace all the depression with His joy.
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    This issomething someone here on this board told when I first started coming here. Se I suffer from depression and I still have some not so good days with it.
    But I was told that when you start your day, actually when you first open your eyes, starting praying to the
    Lord, Thank you Lord for all the blessing you have given and please guide me thru this day.

    I do this everyone morning and it does take a little while to notice the difference in how you feel, but it has definitely helped me. Starting a persons days off always on a positive note and praying this prayer, simple as it may be, works for me.

    God bless you and your daughter Takesha.
    I'm praying for you both.

  3. bakron

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    It's so good to see your posts again! My prayer joins your prayer for all those who suffer with depression. My son is also bipolar and as a Christian, he too struggles for answers.

    May God our Father lift those who are depressed, and may they find their perfect peace in Him. Only you, Father, know the hearts of those who are suffering with depression and other forms of illness. Only you are able to truely heal. We claim that healing for those who suffer, in Christ's name, AMEN
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    It is food for thought Takesha, and I appreciate you for sharing them thoughts with us. I am going to research it a little, see what I can come up with to offer to the depressed that come here. I suffered from long term clinical depression myself. Its hard to pin point for me, how I overcame the depresssion. I just know how it was, felt like. And the feeling that no one understood me. I isolated myself. I did not want to reach out for help, because others had failed me so many times in the past. Then when people would say just pop out of it.. It was devastating, because I did not know how to come out of it.