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    Hi Everyone: Sorry haven't gotten back to you sisland with more recipes.have been just not feeling up to par. off of my thryroid medicine until after the end of this month plus the ra has given me a flare up, called rehumy and he put me on 5 mg. of predsone every day for the next few months. has helped the swelling but not all the achy feelings. also have been involved with things at the church,helps keep my little brain busy. hope all is going ok for everyone. keep you all in my prayers and thoughts and hopefully send some recipes in the next few days. have a great evening,going to go and try to get some rest. prayers and thoughts biddy
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    So Good to hear from you! I once had to have a Prednisone shot,,,,,,,Not Fun! But if your taking a pill thats easier! ,,,,,,,Sure Hope it Helps!,,,,Remember that it took a couple days to kick in for the pain relief,,,,,,,,,I've been searching for the Cream Drops in the local stores but havn't been able to find them yet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so i can make your fudge recipie,,,,,,,,,,,,,last year i found them at shopko,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    you don't have to list recipies if your not feeling well,,,,,,,What kind of stuff do you do at church?

    My Mom and all my Aunties used to belong to the Quilting club there and they would all get togeather and make a few quilts and send them to the missions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hope you feel Better Dear!,,,,,,,,,Sis
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    Hi Sisland: I'am feeling better just tired,thyroid isn't helping and some people. We find our creme drops at a Dollar Store or even Walmart,they should be starting to get easy to find now,when i see them i buy extra bags. I have helped feed the Mexican workers,they come here to work in the tobacco fileds,done helped decorate for rival meeting and now planning a get together for the end of Oct. for some of the surrounding churches,just finger foods. Keeps my mind busy and me out of trouble. The Missions group is getting ready to buy xmas gifts for the children and we will send them along with the wrapping paper,never did that one before,our daughter works for a homeless shelter and we helped one year with delivering the dinners and xmas gifts for the kids,it was fun. we help her when she needs help with their projects too,like horse shows,collecting canned goods and a few other ones. hope you find the creme drops and soon. i have an easy recipe for cinnamon rolls,i will post it tomorrow. take care and hope you are doing good. keep you in my prayers and thoughts. biddy
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    Wow you do alot of volunteer work through the Church! Thats very admirable!,,,,,i always feel like i should get involved with something of that fashion ,,,but always talk my self out of it,,,,,,,

    But Have been going to visit my Dad on a regular basis as he is in the nursing home now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,It's kind of sad but a fact of life,,,I would take care of him if i could but due to the DD it's not possible,,,,,,,,

    So many factors to consider when someone goes into a nursing home!,,,,,,,,,My Mom passed away from alhzimers 4 years ago,,so he has been beside himself ever since,,,,,,,anyway the world keeps turning and Like you say doing this stuff really does keep your mind busy!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I have an Amish Cookbook that my Mom Gave Me years ago an it has a very good cinnamon roll recipie in it ,,,,,,,,,You are also in my thoughts and prayers!
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