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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by mom, Jan 5, 2002.

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    How are you today?
    I was wondering if you are anyplace close to the bush fires. Can't remember if you would be or not. It sure does look bad when we see it on the new. And those little kids who started some of them because they were bored. What is the world coming to. I think of all the animals lost or hurt so badly. They said they were picking kangaroos out of the ocean. As of last night they said no human loss of life which is a blessing but the poor firemen fighting in that heat. All the people who had to leave their homes, it must be devastating. So let me know how you are when you get a chance. Take care
    mom lynda
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    Hello annee. I didn't know. Sorry pardon.

    It is so distressing seeing those bushfires on the news. I know the Australian Fire Fighters are incredible people, I've heard of them and their fantastic activities previously. brave men.

    My favourite singer songwriter lives in Australia, but I imagine he's a bit old for your taste...you are just a young lass. Eric Bogle's his name....

    Hope very much you are keeping well and happy,

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    It is terrible times.
    Weird weather patterns.
    In NSW today temps are expected to be around 40c - with high winds, whereas 8 hours south, temps expected to be 21c.
    Half the country had overnite rain, which has helped and hindered.
    Helped slow the fires down, and hindered backburning efforts.
    Most of the eastern part of the state is covered with smoke - Canberra included.
    It was weird this morning to wake up to rain and thick smoke haze.
    Our suburb is surrounded by pine forrests and farmland, so it is a concern.
    On christmas day friends in our suburb who live next to farmland were fighting fires with the fire crews to keep them away from the back fence. They came within 10 metres of the back fence.
    Certainly interrupted christmas dinner.
    I think people are incredibly brave staying with their homes to fight the fires.
    And I am in awe of the firefighters.
    We spent boxing day at the "family" farm in Wagga Wagga - 4 hours west of Canberra, and half the fellows there were on call the next day, as members of the CFA - Country Fire Brigade - all volunteers.
    Firefighters have come from all over the country.
    As for me - life goes on amidst the smoke haze.
    GB did some tiling in the kitchen yesterday - with frequent rest stops, so he continues to keep up the forward momentum.
    I am at work as always.
    Thanks for your concerns.
    Hope all goes well for you and yours,
    p.s. I am 46 going on 47 so not so young anymore!