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    hi annette i got your message i am from belfast in northren ireland you are right there are some great sites on here about fibro i have told my doctor about some of the things i have read about he him self told me to try and get information my self on the net to try and understand fibro more talk about passing the buck?????? but at saying that he is a very good doctor and he sends me to any were i suggest i am glad you are intersted in ireland as it really is a lovely place both north and south you should try and go for a holiday you would love it take care
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    Thanks for your response! It doesn't sound like your doctor is passing the buck - it seems like he wants you to educate yourself as much as you can! A lot of doctors don't like their patients learning too much so yours sounds like a good one! About Ireland - did you grow up in Belfast? What's it like there? I just finished reading a book called "1921" about the Irish Civil War. I've read about that part of history in Ireland before, but I really learned a lot from this book. It's a novel, but they interweave real people into it. The main place I want to go is Dublin, but I have heard that the North is beautiful and I should go there too. I want to see all the historical sites - The Rock of Cashel, Clonmacnoise, the hill-forts, castles and tombs. I even thought about learning Gaelic, but with my fibro-fog, I don't know if I could. There is an Irish store here where I live and I go in there a lot! By the way, I'm not Irish - I have no Irish blood in me - I just love the country and the people and the history! Thanks for listening!!!!