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    i have grey squirrels in my chimney and loft. They are driving me nuts (no pun intended) Over two months bashing and scampering around from dawn until its dark. Their like a mafia sitting on the chimney/ roof just starring at me. They can have up to 7 in a litter and have two a year. They chew electrical wiring, insulation holes in wood have no bladder control, can drown in your water tank contaminating water supply. Anyone else had this problem?

    thank you

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    We have had lots of squirrels and other critters running on and under the roof since we have lots of trees. One trick might be to get rid of some of the trees or limbs close enough to the house for them to jump off and onto. An exterminator might help to . We have done a lot of chopping of trees and limbs and hope to do some more in the near future.

    Boy those squirrels can jump and they eat through almost anything. Cute but destructive !!!

    More later and hope you find some answers. Yes they can drive you crazy sometimes.

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    P.S. Yes, you might want to search for holes where they might be getting in if they are under the roof, as JULIE mentioned. We have also done that and also put some stuff that we bought for pests to put under roof/attic or whatever you call it, to kill them. If worse get to worse you might need an exterminator but they are usually not to cheap. I think you can buy the pest exterminating stuff at Home Depot and places like that and maybe even hardware stores, do it yourself places. Call them first to ask might help.

    Sometimes you can get someone who has done that sort of thing but does not actually have a business of getting rid of unwanted animals. We have have had "tree Rats" and all kinds of stuff besides squirrels..

    Good luck Ameilie !!

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