Hi anyone fromaround Johnstown PA

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by frosty50, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. frosty50

    frosty50 New Member

    Hi just wondering if anyone is from around Johnstown PA or surrounding areas
  2. Empower

    Empower New Member

    From Western PA
  3. frosty50

    frosty50 New Member

    Yea western
  4. PianoGirl

    PianoGirl New Member

    Although I don't live there any more, I used to live in Bedford, not sure if that is close enough to Johnstown or not, I visit there quite often. In fact, my daughter was in Conemaugh Hospital for several months after her birth so I got used to being in Johnstown a good bit.

    So how close are you to the "flood city"

  5. frosty50

    frosty50 New Member

    We're about 8 miles from Johnstown. Where are you dfrom now?
  6. PianoGirl

    PianoGirl New Member

    Moved from Bedford to Hagerstown MD about 4 1/2 years ago after getting re-married.

    But I lived in bedford my whole life before moving here. Still have a lot of family and friends there.
  7. tiasnana

    tiasnana New Member

    I was born and raised near Johnstown, and still have many relatives living there. Wish I could come back for a visit, I miss it so much, but California is so far away.
  8. TKE

    TKE New Member

    I live in central PA.

  9. frosty50

    frosty50 New Member

    What part of Central PA are you from. So glad to meet so many nice people on this board.
    I'm just new here. Just started writng posts. I always just read posts. This board is really addictive.
    So nice meeting you guys
  10. waxdiva

    waxdiva New Member

    I live in Pittsburgh.
  11. PianoGirl

    PianoGirl New Member

    Not to drudge up bad memories or anything but how close were you to Flight 93?

    I've visited the memorial and it just breaks my heart about how and what happened.

  12. diannev

    diannev New Member

    I lived in VA for 23 years but moved back to northwestern PA, where my family is, after getting sick a few years ago. I miss the warmer weather of VA but it's nice to be in a small town where I don't even have to lock my doors. I actually live just a few miles from the NY state border so I'm closer to Buffalo than Pittsburgh. If anyone knows a good doctor in western NY, I'd love to know the name and location.

  13. SusEQ

    SusEQ New Member


    I live in Central Pennsylvania, too.

  14. MomE0512

    MomE0512 New Member

    I live in Central PA as well :)
  15. frosty50

    frosty50 New Member

    I just live around 8 miles from flight 93.
    Mom' your the one I chatted with earlier about finding a Dr.
    Are'nt you the one from around Altoona PA?
    Well how is everyone feeling today?
    I feel like someone hit me with a mack truck and backed up. I think its this darn change of weather. Better days ahead I hope!!!
  16. frosty50

    frosty50 New Member

    I'm so sorry I did'nt ask you how your baby is doing now?
  17. TKE

    TKE New Member

    I'm 20 miles west of Williamsport.

  18. MomE0512

    MomE0512 New Member

    Yeah, I'm about an hour from Altoona :)

  19. fairydust39

    fairydust39 New Member

    I'm from Cumberland,Md. which is very close to Johnstown.
    My hubby and I, go to Altoona and Hagerstown quite often,to Sam's Club.
    Hugs Shirley

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