Hi, anyone out there have information on shingles.

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    Hi my name is Joyce I am 52 and have shingles all the way. The pain is severe, my rash is almost gone. Does anyone have any home rememdys which they could share with me regarding this. Has anyone out there had shingles, how long did you have it. How did you cope with life. Any information would be helpful. Thankyou.
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    There is a medication you can take for shingles, other than a strong pain med.

    Nasty stuff! Please check with your doctor for a prescription. And some compazine for the nausea.


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    badly for over a year but they're back. I DID see a home remedy online
    when I my husband had the Shingles but he was so nearly over his we didn't try it. You might try putting it in the Google search..
    "shingles","shingles, home remedy" or something like that. I wish I could remember because it seems like it was something simple.

    My husband's was misdiagnosed at the Urgent Care and by the time we went to the ER it was almost in his eye ball and it could have been bad. He gets it back now and then but hasn't had another outbreak, just the awful
    pain. They gave him Tramadol in the ER but like me it did zero for his pain. The PCP gave him Percocet which did help. It was too late for the regular medication.
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    Electro-accupuncture along with valtrex (RX from MD) helped me, but I have since helped a friend who was afraid of needles get over a long term case after doing some research.

    here's a copy of a post I made a while back:

    we had a friend who had recurrent shingles 03/28/05 08:25 PM

    and a lot of pain as it was in his groin area! (BTW, Shingles is a herpes virus, it is a reactivation of the chicken pox variety, herpes zoster.)

    None of the antiviral drugs helped him. But Tagamet - yes, Tagamet - did.

    The recommended dose is: take 200 mg of cimetidine (Tagamet) three times a day and then 400 mg a bedtime.

    I did some research to try to help him and this is what I came up with. It is from Life Extension Foundation (LEF.org) and explains WHY it works:

    Herpes zoster (shingles)

    "The most common neurologic condition known is herpes zoster, usually referred to as shingles. The CDC says that up to one million people in the United States contract herpes zoster each year. David Cooper, M.D., a contributing editor to JAMA, stated in 1998 that shingles afflicts more than one million people every year.

    "Herpes zoster is a reactivation of the virus that causes chicken pox. Once a person has recovered from chicken pox, the virus (varicella) remains dormant, hiding among the connective nerve tissue in the body.

    "No one seems to know why it occurs, although stress and/or a compromised immune system is thought to exacerbate the condition, but it usually activates in people over the age of 50. Traveling through the ganglia, it causes a tingling, stinging or burning sensation. A couple days later, once the virus has completed its journey to the skin, an irritating and painful rash and accompanying blisters may erupt. The resulting condition can be so painful, the patient may be unable to tolerate clothing or anything that touches the affected area.

    "In cases of herpes zoster (shingles). . . Tagamet/cimetidine has been successfully used to lessen the debilitating pain and intensity of the skin rash and eruptions.

    "Published studies indicate that viruses like herpes zoster and simplex can be put into quick remission, or the breakouts prevented altogether, when T-lymphocyte suppressor cell function is inhibited. The best way of accomplishing this is to take 200 mg of cimetidine (Tagamet) three times a day and then 400 mg a bedtime.

    Tagamet is available in pharmacies over-the-counter. Suggested use is to initiate Tagamet as soon as symptoms of a herpes-related virus infection appear. Continue to take it for one to two weeks after all symptoms of the outbreak have abated.

    "When it comes to treating herpes infections, conventional doctors seem to only pay attention to drug company propaganda, while failing to recommend lower cost drugs (like cimetidine) that have been shown to work especially well in herpes patients.

    "Cimetidine (Tagamet) is a histamine2 (H2) receptor antagonist and, as such, can contribute to the enhancement of immune function. Various studies indicate cimetidine's effectiveness in suppressing herpes infections.

    "The first case observation occurred in August 1977 when a patient developed shingles just before commencing a course of cimetidine for a chronic stomach ulcer. The patient experienced dramatic relief of the shingles pain and rapid disappearance of the eruption.

    "On the basis of this observation, cimetidine was prescribed to 21 patients with herpes zoster (shingles). The results were encouraging in 18 out of these 21 patients. The trial was then extended to other herpes virus infections.

    "In six out of seven patients with herpes labialis (lip), the blisters were aborted, and in one patient with herpes keratitis the result was also encouraging, with the attacks being markedly shortened in duration and reduced in frequency. The results of these preliminary trials showed the potential role of cimetidine in the treatment of herpes virus infection.(2)

    "In 1996, a clinical trial was conducted on 221 patients with herpes zoster (SHINGLES) who were treated daily with cimetidine at 3 x 200 mg during the day and 1 x 400 mg at night. The results showed that cimetidine shortened the period of disease duration. The authors suggested using cimetidine in the treatment of shingles during the earliest stages of the disease.(3)

    "A case reported in Canada resulted in the statement that cimetidine therapy appeared to reduce the expected length of the active phase of herpes zoster from 35 days or more to just 10 days.(4)

    "At the Golda Medical Center in Israel, in 1994, a double-blind placebo-control study of cimetidine treatment versus placebo was conducted for one week in 22 patients with herpes zoster (SHINGLES). Those who were treated with cimetidine were found to recover much more quickly from skin rash and pain than those who were given the placebo.(5)

    "At the Department of Neurology at Lady Davis Carmel Hospital in Israel, a randomized study evaluated the effect of cimetidine in the treatment of herpes zoster virus. The conclusion was that cimetidine treatment “shortened the median interval until the first decrease in pain, shortened the median interval until the complete resolution of pain and promoted faster complete healing of skin lesions….”(6)

    The consensus from these studies is that when cimetidine is administered to those with herpes simplex or shingles, the result is a dramatic relief of the herpetic pain as well as rapid disappearance of the blisters.

    "One precautionary note, even though Tagamet (cimetidine) is sold over-the-counter, refer to the package insert to make sure it does not interact with prescription drugs you may already be taking.

    "Please note that if your doctor prescribes generic cimetidine, it may cost less to obtain it as a prescription drug (especially if you have prescription drug insurance) rather than buying the Tagamet name brand that is available without a prescription."

    I also read something recently that geranium oil can help get rid of pain. And, taking lysine as a preventive can work. Hope you're feeling better soon!
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    Herpes or shingles is a "dormant" form of chickenpox, and anyone who has had chickenpox may get herpes / shingles (it lies in wait!). Be careful if you have shingles when around other people, because virus particles in the blister fluid can pose a threat to people who aren't immune to chicken pox or to people who are immunosuppressed. The risk is that people who have not had chickenpox might catch chicken pox from you.

    There are antiviral medicines that help when you have an outbreak of shingles. One that helps me is, acyclovir (Zovirax). I get it in a cream and apply on the rash. You can also get it in a pill form. There are others as well. Also, I've used Benedryl over-the-counter, an antihistamine. Besides the antihistamine effect, it also helps to relax when you are about ready to "crawl out of your skin" (I know the feeling well!).

    Some "home remedies" that I've found on "MotherNature dot com" are:

    "Although a diet rich in cayenne pepper may not prevent shingles, it can bring quicker relief from pain, says Allan Magaziner, D.O., a nutritional medicine specialist and head of the Magaziner Medical Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. In fact, he points out, the medication that’s usually prescribed for shingles pain, Zostrix, is made from capsaicin, a derivative of hot peppers that indirectly helps prevent pain messages from reaching the brain." and ....

    "A person with shingles may want to use the following supplemental regimen to help control the condition, suggests David Edelberg, M.D., an internist and medical director of the American Holistic Center/Chicago: 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C twice a day; 400 international units of vitamin E twice a day; and one gram of citrus bioflavonoids twice a day. Citrus bioflavonoids are available in most health food stores."
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    My husband got shingles after the unexpected death of his brother.

    He went to the doc who told him shingles were brought on my sudden stress like he was experiencing and gave him a prescription for Prednisone - one of those dose paks. I think he also told him to take Benedryl for the itching.

    After he finished the Pred. dose pak, I think they were gone and they never came back.

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    How are you doing?

    Noticed this was your first post... so wanted to say Welcome as well!

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    My Grandpa has had them for over 5 years now and after many doctors and medications he finally found a cream that works magic on it. Lidocaine. It numbs it up so he can move. His is expecially bad right after he eats something. Poor man. I do not wish Shingles on anyone. It is very very painful. Maybe ask your doctor about that Lidocaine cream.

    Trish :)
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    Thankyou for the welcome. How did you send me that email, this is new to me. It obviously is not on the message board, please let me know, so I can send you a line. Joyce
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    the only way I can contact you was by responding to your post... this board sends you an email when you check the response box at the bottom of the post form so they can let you know you've had a response, the title of it, and by whom.

    LOL, I hope you're not thinking I'm a stalker or something, I'm not... I think you just got confused by how the board let you know you got a response?

    Hope you're doing better with your shingles?!

    all the best,
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    Victoria: No I do not think you are a stalker. Your picture is cute and I ran it off. I guess what I want to know is, the information you gave me on your self, If I send you my information, by the way I have 4 dogs too,does it get posted on the message board like that for everyone to read. My shingles the rash is gone but the pain is terrible, I am taking percocet, I had one lady post that I guess in the states the doctors will give you lidacane I don't know if they will in canada, but I am going to ask my doctor. I am a lab technician and work for the insurance company's in canada, it is a great job. Anyhow please let me know my question, re: information and message board. Thanks Joyce
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    Can you get tagamet/cimetidine over the counter in Canada? The friend I wrote about up above found relief finally after 6 months of the post herpetic neuralgia by using it, it's worth a try if you can get it and can tolerate it.

    I noticed you posted several times to me separately - you can reply to your own posts to 'bump' it up to the top/first page, by just typing in bump on the title and the message section...

    LOL I keep meaning to post a real picture of me but keep forgetting to and forgetting what is on there... I thinkk I'm going to have to run off cards one of these days and send them to all my friends who aren't online!

    all the best,