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    A huge congrats on your recent honor Nancy. WOW! I picked up the book following "The Maker's Diet", because that one(THe Maker's Diet) was checked out of the library. I have it on hold. I agree with most of what he says. Having a hard time with Pork and shellfish. I "get" why he has issues, just don't necessarily agree. Tell me how your "diet" is going. What are your biggest challenges. Has pain decreased? Is that why you are doing it? I am sure I would entertain a huge weight loss by following it as well...Is this something you want to change for your whole life? I am very interested in this...Cindy
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    I thought you fell in the black hole someplace. LOL I will pray about your situtaion with the reunion. No matter who you are I am finding that there is always someone in the family that makes life difficult.

    I will have to go back and see when the reunion is or if you mentioned that. I just had a reunion a couple of weekends ago. I hadn't been to the summer one in years. (We are a close family and have two a year.) It was nice to see cousins that I hadn't seen in years.

    I will pray that your husband will have a change of heart and be willing to go. That is too bad that you can't drive.

    My sister has some ear problems but I don't think it was ever Menieres. I can really appreciate the difficulty of that. I had two surgeries where I had complications in the inner ear and in the one case was off of school for two months. It was just horrible. When I walked down the aisle of the grocery store once I started driving (still dizzy) the over stimulation would just send me into a whirlwind of dizziness.

    That must be a terrible thing to have. One of the receptionists at my doctor's office has that. I know diet is a key thing that can set off the dizziness. I think she said salt and grapes were for her a real problem.

    I have been on the Maker's Diet now for a week and two days. It goes in phases. The first two weeks are phase one and it is totally restrictive. He says you may feel worse during that time and my experience validates that statement.

    I have felt led all year to do this diet. I have felt that my healing will come through this. I knew it was going to require alot of new and strange things to me so I wanted to wait until the school year was over. I have seen Jordin Rubin on TV and he is so passionate about this. He has transformed his own health in a miraculous way and that is my hope for me as well. I have lost three pounds already and believe me that is something. I have so much trouble losing the older I get. I ride my bike a lot in the summer months for exercise and that certainly helps. In fact I just got back from my bike ride before turning this on.

    I don't think I knew there was a sequel to the book. Is that what you meant. I am already doing mostly alternative things for my FM anyway and spending an absolute fortune in the process. We had new health insurance since Oct. and this new co has totally turned my life upside down. I was doing IV treatments, chiropractic and muscle therapy and they shut down all payments to those things several months ago and I am still battling with them. It has been THE most frustrating thing I have ever lived through. Those things plus some diet changes (no sugar for six years)have made a big difference. Fatigue is my biggest enemy besides the pain.

    Well I need to get busy. Thanks for the congrats. Yes, I was flabergasted. It was quite an honor getting this once but twice is something else. You might find me in your library if they carry the Who's Who of America's Teachers. Some librarys carry it and some do not. I am in edition 10 and will be in the new one coming up. I have my picture in there. I cannot reveal my name on the public forum so it would take you forever to find me. I just thought of that. LOL Oh well.

    Take care and it was good to hear from you.

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    Thanks for replying-We will be welcoming my brother et. al. from Africa this Sunday. Your prayers are deeply, and I mean DEEPLY appreciated. I don't know if the book was a sequel, but on the cover it talked about The Maker's Diet, so I assumed it had already been printed prior. Seems as tho the second book would be redundant?! Maybe not. I BELIEVE him! What about the pork? ;) I have severe pain and fatigue. I don't take anything aside from ibuprofin as little as possible. I am fortunate to be able to take "a nap" if I like when I get home from work most days while my hubby hangs out with our son and cooks. I try to just ignore the pain-I usually feel like I have a high fever (y'know fever body pains)-sometimes I even take my temp! (Just to make sure I'm not SICK)My problem is I don't want to move-exercise. My son begs me to ride with him, and I do sometimes-I need to push thru the pain and work out. Usually after work I just have to get rid of my bra, and that's a big reason I don't want to go outside. Sugar is definitely a big problem-comfort "food" for me. If I would just say no-and I did for a couple of months on Atkins a couple of years ago-I would probably feel better. I really just need to be prepared. If I set my mind to something I don't ever, ever cheat. I can't wait to hear how this goes for you. So, are you planning on making this life changing, or are you just experimenting? Are you a cheater? Are you committed? That sounds so judging.Don't mean to be, just wondering. Sometimes I get it in my brain-like following weight watchers, that I will do it for ever, and then I'm not. I'm always all for something, or it's almost like I don't exercise hardly any control. Weak, weak, weak!!!!I think it is time for me to truly fast and pray about all this...Talk to you...(can we really not reveal our names?)
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    Okay so Sunday is the reunion. I will keep that in mind.
    This Maker's Diet is a 40 day thing. Of course it is supposed to become a lifestyle. I am trying it out to see if I actually feel better. One of my neighbors was on it and she said she felt better. At that time I had no idea what it was. Now I need to talk to her as I have many questions.

    I read Jordin's website over a year ago and I started making some changes even then before I actually started the whole program. I stopped eating pork at home. I was one of those pork chop lovers who would have them twice a week. When I eat out I will still have some bacon in a quiche but it is not that much. I was still eating pizza with sausage too before I started the program.

    Now I am trying to stay on the plan as much as possible. I am very disciplined when I put my mind to something. However some of the stuff he recommends is not easy to find.

    I have actaully been buying goats milk too. He is a big fan of that. Actually this first two weeks there is no regular dairy allowed. He has some pretty out there ideas but I still think everything he says is right on and makes sense to me.

    These last couple of days have been a battle but hopefully I can make it through this first rough part and then start to feel better. He admits that you may feel worse in the beginning as your body is getting rid of toxins.

    I am becoming such a believer that God gave us certain foods for our health. Man has taken our food supply and messed with it so much that now we are killing ourselves with the foods we eat. I have been juicing through out this whole school year and that has been really good. I juice only organic fruits and veggies. I do lots of leafy green stuff. That has been the biggest and best thing I have done differently this year.

    Okay enough of my sermon. For me doing as much natural things as I can is the way I choose to go.

    Well must go it is getting very late. Have a good day tomorrow.

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    I totally agree with especially your last two paragraphs! My husband does too. We typically eat a pretty good diet. We don't always buy organic. More a cost factor-and no we don't spend money on junk food-ever-or fast food. We don't even use a microwave. However, as I said before I believe I have too much sugar in my diet. Example:When my hubby makes oatmeal, he adds cranberries and apples. Sometimes honey-not enough for me-I want brown sugar. We are not soda pop drinkers, and if I have coffee I add Splenda-which I'm sure is most likely not even good for me either. When I was off dairy with Atkins, I didn't have gas, heartburn, or as many sinus problems. amazing. How is the goats milk? I know my husband would be agreeable to everything organic and from the earth-we just have to PLAN! It sadly takes a lot of effort to eat correctly all the time. We are Pork lovers. Mostly pork steak and roasts. We don't typically eat meat every day-mostly beans and veggies. We rarely eat sausage products, so changing our diet wouldn't be drastic. I am going to see if the Maker's Diet has come in yet, and I am going to read it. I didn't realize it was a 40 day adventure-I know it should last forever-but I can do anything for 40 days to see if there is a significant change. Do you think old testament pork restrictions hold true after Jesus? That just isn't what I'm used to thinking...When I said that now I only use ibuprofin rarely for pain isn't because I'm this super woman that deal with my pain (altho I do my best;) I have had bio- feedback, tens, massage therapy 3x a week, chiropractic care 2-3 x a week, prescription anti-inflamatories...(I became allergic-broke out in hives) Took amytriptiline and flexeril at night FOR YEARS, and have had other therapies. I stopped taking meds when I got married at 39 in case I would become pg, which I did on my 40th b-day :> I just never went back on anything. Frankly, nothing ever did work, I would have flare-ups and remissions same as now. The only time I felt ok was when I was pg. That's not happening anymore-I've gone thru menopause now, fairly early, and that has seemed to exasperbate all my symptons. (whine, whine, whine!) I am very open to really setting aside my sick, obsessive passion of food to see if my diet can make a difference. Well, I need to go back to work- I hope you are not cruelly tempted this weekend-I'll let you know how it goes with my family on Sunday when I get back to work next week.
    God's blessings to you! Cindy
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    How did your reunion go? Everything go smoothly I hope. I have now completed the first phase of the Maker's Diet. I have lost almost 5 pounds in that two week period. My goal is to feel better but the weight lose is a welcome bonus.

    It was a very tough couple of weeks but I made it. One of my friends mentioned the pork thing being only Old Testament. I will just have to say read the book. He explains things way better than I and made me a believer. He does not talk about Old Testament vs New at all. He just gives evidence of how Israel was freed from many of the diseases that were killing the people in the surrounding countries. Like I say, he explains it better than I.

    One of my friends who is very healthy read it and she said it was too strict for her. I think you almost have to have an illness to subject yourself to all of the changes. I did this because I truly felt led to do it. I just didn't buy the book and say oh why don't I try this. I had this feeling over a year period that my healing would come through this diet. So we shall see.

    I need to get going. I have to water my flowers and it is getting dark. Take care and I hope that book comes in so you can read it. I found it fascinating to read because it isn't just about dieting.

    Take care.

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    It was great to see my brother and his famiy! I am still having "fallout" from family issues and personalities; I typically stuff my feelings with them, and unfortunately Mark (hubby) bears the brunt of burdens. I'm always apprehensive about the next occasion, but I definitely could see God's hand in the day-especially where I didn't have any control.(not that I really have the control anyway; it's HIS!)
    As soon as I opened your msg, I realized I forgot to see if the book was in while I was at the library last night! I understand completely the reasons you are trying to make a change with your diet. In the book of his that I did read it addressed the pork issue and reasons. I understand his thinking- he has his own amazing recovery story-I probably just don't want to think about giving up pork ;)!!! I have been thinking about the same things as you, which is how I knew about Rubin as well; For myself initially, as I said before I believe I need to cut out sugar and all processed products. While we do eat healthy, and don't eat very much processed foods, I do consume some. I just have to make the committment to get prepared and follow thru. I am a carb addict for sure. I really enjoy our "chats" Nancy. I only found out about these msg boards since the first of May. I read them obsessively for a couple of weeks-I felt as tho they were a lifeline while I was trying to keep my head above water. (I was in a really bad flare up at the time.)I don't really have the time to spend (ike I was) on the internet as we don't have a computer at home and I feel as tho I am robbing work time...I have wonderful Godly women to talk and be with, but I don't have any friends or even aquaintances with FM. I KNOW that you GET me even without the eye contact! Can we NOT share e-mails? I hope that you have a day without cravings! Love in HiM!Cindy
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    I haven't been on here for a while. I have been busy. I had to go to a retirement dinner. Man, did that blow my whole diet. Luckily it was the beginning of phase two and I had already gone through the initial stage where balancing of insulin and other things are taking place.
    I am not supposed to eat bread or pasta. We went to an Italian restaurant. What can I say. On top of that we had no choice in the menu. We were served certainn dishes so I had to go with it unless I wanted to pay a fortune for a glass of water. LOL And......believe or not I am not supposed to have that either. No tap water. Time will tell. I want to eventually get a filter on my faucet. Pricey, but in the long run it might be cheaper than buying all the big jugs and bottles of water. I have been on a mission in my house to throw out and get organized. I am seeing some progress but at first I just wanted to sit in all the piles of paper and stuff and scream or cry or both. LOL

    It sounds like the chat rooms are not working. I was reading that on the FM board. That is where you are allowed to share emails. I am glad you have some Godly friends to share with. That is great. My workplace does not know that I have FM and I want to keep it that way for many reasons. The few friends that I have told really don't understand. There is one person at one of my schools who also has FM and we talk occassionally but I don't have too much time to do that in my position at this particular school. I teach at two schools.

    I have been in the midst of some home improvement projects that have taken up time and and energy. I am hiring contractors for these things and it has been rather frustrating. I live in a neighborhood governed by a home owner's association and have run into some obstacles there regarding proper color schemes etc. I know in the end it will work out. I just want it to be done yesterday kind of thing.

    How is your son doing? Hey, it's summer. He is probalby doing great! I hope you are doing well. I am glad you got to go to your reunion and see your brother. How long is he going to be around. Does he go right back to the mission field?

    Well it is getting late. I will sign off for now. Hey the weekend is coming. Yeah.

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    Yeah, Italian eating will just kill you! lol. So what are the ramifications of ruining your diet one night? Does it mess up any progress you have made, and set you back or not really? My problem is when I am committed to eating a certain way,something comes along and I don't get back on track. Like, I was doing great on weight watchers in Jan., THen in Feb. my mother in law unexpectedly died, and our lives were turned upside down for a few weeks. We just grabbed what we could to eat. Like taking a box of Cheerios, apples, cheese, licorice, pretzels-weird stuff like that. Anyway, I never got back on track. I am one of those people that if I "blow it" at lunch, I'll just keep on blowing it. Head knowledge tells me that if I would stop right after I "blow it" that I would probably be fine and not even gain an ounce, but my eating is not dictated by intelligence typically. We should get one of those filters too. Mark just fills up jugs at the grocery store. Who really knows if that's just tap water??!! We need to get organized as well-we are kind of pack rats by nature. My husband is a paperwork nutcase. He has piles everywhere. It has gotten out of hand and I won't even have anyone over now. We need to invest in some storage items. It is costly tho. At this point, I feel like throwing everything in cardboard boxes! Hope your remodeling is going along ok-I know that can really be irritating. I seem to be in a flare up today-really tired and my face feels like I just got beat up. (That's when I know I am in for trouble.) Before I was diagnosed with FM I thought I was suffering from chronic sinusitis, cuz I had previously had lots of problems with it. My clue should have been that sinus pain doesn't travel down the whole left side of your body as well! hee-hee. Colt (son) is doing great. I have been giving him homework for each week to keep his math, reading and writing skills sharp. I don't have him in summer school. He has enough school I think. It's good to have a break. I give him a folder of about 12 sheets, and a book to read, and he has a week to complete it. I don't ride him about it-I'm trying to help him with self-discipline and making good choices. I think I am going to start teaching him piano now. I'll see what his interest level is. He had a great music teacher that taught some theory in first grade. He knew the staffs, note names and vocabulary. Last year, I don't really know what the heck the teacher did; sang a bit perhaps...We will be getting a new teacher this year. Hope she-he is good. I want him to learn piano before he starts an instrument-usually 4th grade-maybe 5th at our school. At least I want him to be able to read music-it will be so much easier for him. My brothers and I started on piano. Nobody can believe I haven't started him yet. I really didn't feel like he was ready. Perhaps now. My brother et.al. will be here til the mid of Oct. Usually they leave by Labor Day, but they are leaving their last 2 kids here to start college. My oldest niece is starting her 3rd year at Greenville-(Christian college), my nephew will be starting at UW-Milwaukee, and my niece is going to Cosmetology school (like I did after I played in the Army Band for 5 1/2 years). It will be great to have them "here". They have been in Cairo for 9 years, and Cassablanca for the past 3 years. I don't know how my brother and sister in law will be able to get on the plane without them!! Well Nancy, I need to get back to work now. I hope you have a good weekend-Oh yeah-so are you saying we could exchange e-mails on the chat, but it isn't working? What oher options are there? This really is fine, but I have a feeling I would just love meeting you, and I don't think we live too far away!! Did you happen to look up the website for Ladies Must Swing? My MOm is the trumpet player with gray hair-blonde now! God Bless! Love, Cindy
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    I will check this out. I have been looking for a diet to help me and maybe even incorporate it my cooking for my husband. We both need to lose weight and I have FM and quite a pain problem right now.

    HOpe it was OK to look in on your conversations. Sounds like you both have some stressful ( but fun) things going on; God keep you well as you live your live.

    Again, thanks for sharing the name of the diet...I have heard of it before but have never investigated it.

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    Welcome to our conversation. The more the merrier! I am on day 19 of the Maker's Diet. It is a 40 day journey which the intent is to change your eating habits and make it a lifestyle change. If you look at Jordin Rubin's website you can read his story.

    It is not a diet for the faint of heart. I think anyone who is seeking answers for an illness such as ours are willing to do anything to feel better. I am already into alternative medicine and have been for quite a few years. The diet has been a challenge for me and I had already given up one of the biggies like sugar. I have not eaten sugar intentionally for six years. That means no dessert etc. Of course lots of things have sugar in them and I read labels very carefully so as to not have too much.

    I have been able to still teach while having FM and I attribute that to many of the natural things I have been doing over the years and of course to God who has allowed me to continue to work.

    I would say to give the diet a try. He even mentions doing it at different levels. I have lost 5 pounds so far. I am really doing it for the health benfits even though losing weight is something I wanted to do as well.

    If you give it a try let me know how it goes for you. I would definitely recommend reading his book first. In fact the book tells you what you need to do but I think you can do an online thing as well for a fee. I am not doing that.

    Take care.

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    Of course I don't mind if you join in! Three's a party! I picked up the book at the library on Friday. It is really similar to the other one I read of his, and now I feel like taking the other book back out to compare. I can't really figure out what the difference is. I did see the into from Dr. Charles Stanley who we watch as a family every Sunday. We REALLY like him. My husband kind of grunted when he saw another diet book til I told him what it was and that it was endorsed by Stanley; then he was intrigued. Nancy-are you doing that cleansing thing too-and are you doing all the steps and drinks and supplements that he suggests? Do you buy it from his company? How much does it cost you approx a week to do this? I know that I can incorporate many of his (GOd's) "ideas" immediately, easily. That being said, I had chocolate birthday cake for breakfast. I was actually celebrating Sue's birthday a day early! Have a good one tomorrow Sue! (I typically eat oatmeal for breakfast-not instant)Something that just struck me- I'm having really bad fibro pain right now, and I just have to wonder if it was exacerbated by the cake since I didn't have the pain to this extent when I woke up. It's just after 11am now...hmmmm....May God bless you in obvious ways today you two!Love, Cindy
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    I have not eaten breakfast yet and it is noon. We had a big celebration at our church with fireworks, outdoor concert etc. so I got in rather late last night. I have done some projects around the house and my upper back is killing me.

    Okay brace yourself. I spend around $600-800 a month on supplements. I did not buy alot of stuff for the Maker's Diet because I already take alot of the stuff anyway. I did not do the cleanse. I juice regularly and that is a cleansing right there. I did buy two of there products since I was intrigued by the HSO things they talked about in the book. So I did buy the probiotic. I already take one so I am taking this new one instead and I bought the Goatein stuff. I am not allowed to use my whey protein powder and that was my morning ritual for years so I am trying this Goatein stuff as it has good protein and amino acids I believe.

    I just bought a blender yesterday as I am in the part of the diet where I can have more fruit. I am getting tired of scrambled eggs. I have been debating whether I want to do the raw egg thing or not. I have been reading up on it and it still scares me a bit. Jordin recommends putting raw eggs into your smoothie or at least he said that is what he did when he was in a critcal state.

    I have almost completed three weeks of the diet. I am losing weight and I have been motivated to do things around the house that I have not attempted in a long while so I figure that is a very good sign of improvement in energy. It is baby steps so it is hard to tell right now.

    I have not gone out to eat except for that retirement dinner and I really miss that. I have a favorite place near me that has the best quiche and I would go there almost every Sat and Sun.

    I realize that it is going to be impossible to eat totally organic. It is just not practical when you consider going out to eat. The tap water issue has been a challenge. Another reason to avoid restaurants.

    If I can feel some improvement in my health doing the plan 80-90% then I will feel it is doable. To do it 100% is not going to happen. The organic stuff is so expensive. I already do that juicing. The meat in particular is so high. I am buying lots of organic but not all the way.

    I did email a local place to get raw milk. Obvioulsy they must have tremendous business because I haven't heard back and it has been a week and half maybe.

    Chocolate cake for breakfast huh? LOL I don't think that is on the plan! LOL

    Over the years I have made changes here and there that have added up to be big changes. I started cutting out pork this year. That was difficult. In these quiche there is bacon but again I don't do this 100%. I don't buy pork for home anymore. I used to have pork chops twice a week.

    If you want to really get into this sign up for Dr. Mercola's newsletter. He and Jordin are of the same thought. I was reading some of his articles on raw eggs. Well I must eat my breakfast/lunch since it is past noon now.

    I am taking out a rosebush today. This may be the death of me. LOL

    Take care and have a wonderful July 4 week.

    Oh, by the way. Happy Birthday Sue.

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    bump for sue