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    Life is so BUSY, yes?! How is school. This being our 2nd week I thought would go easier, but it hasn't. I still have new people dropping in daily, and that really throws me off. It will get better tho, I know...So, since high school I have continually taught Sunday School or led youth groups until Colt was born. While on vacation Mark and I decided it was time to start really volunteering at church again. He has been cutting the church lawn this summer, and I am going to start teaching Sunday School again this week. I will have 2nd grade girls. I am excited about it, but to be truthful, there have been Sunday's where we just did "Bedside Baptist"(Church TV)if we didn't make it to the service on Sat. night-(which now changed to Mon. night and that's too late for us anyway!). It was my day to really sleep in, and I won't have it anymore. But what was really a blessing about it was the Sunday superindent, who also has a child in my son's class, told me yesterday that she has fibro! Yippee! A live friend that suffers the same. Hey! I'm not implying that you are NOT live...lol! Anyway, things are really fine-my Dad is off oxygen, and we are going to visit with them on Sunday-Packer game, and I am going to teach them a new card game. Colt is going to learn flute-o-phone this year-I did that in 4th grade. Do your kids start out on that, or straight to the instruments. Don't you want to tear your hair out when a child really wants to play, or their parents push them, but they have NO natural talent, and you want to scream out in pain when they play for you?! Talk about stressed out! Well Nancy, enjoy your weekend, and hope to hear from you soon...love, Cindy
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    How are you?!
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    Thinking of you Nancy!
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    Hey we see to be missing each other. I posted you on the other thread and kept bumping for you and I think you missed that one. Oh well. I am sure we are both up to our eye balls in work. I know I am.

    My computer keyboard died and I had to waste precious weekend time to figure out the problem. I am very fortunate to have a computer savy friend who comes to my rescue all the time. He let me take one of his extra keyboards and that did the trick so I am up and running again now.

    We have been back in school a whole month now. I can't believe it. It has been a rough start for the year for me. I won't go into all of that here but things are getting better and more into a routine.

    Yes our kids start on recorders in third grade and they can start band or orchestra the summer before fourth if they choose to or in the fall of fourth or fifth for that matter. That is the challenge. Having kids starting at all different points.

    We had a frost warning already here. Oh my gosh. Way too early. It is supposed to warm up this week too. Very goofy weather. I am an avid gardener and I have plants everywhere in front, back and side of my house. I live on a corner as well so it is fun to get nice compliments from passers by. I really do go all out they have been especially pretty this year.

    Sunday school teacher. I admire you. I used to when I was much younger but I just don't have the energy to do that and be a full time teacher and then teach private lessons on the side as well. I want to go four more years before retiring. I just hope I can make it that long.

    I have not been very active here the last few months. Many have left the board unfortunately. Instead of being a peaceful and uplifting place to be like it used to be it started to become a pity party of whining and fighting and who needs that. I can experience that every day on the job!

    I hope your Dad is still recovering nicely. I need to get busy. I have to make my salads for the coming week and it is that time already. It has been a very busy weekend. I put in 20 hours on Friday. Never again. Several of those hours were trying to figure what was wrong with my computer.

    I am glad you have found a fibro sister. That is always helpful. I don't know too many in person but many from the boards here. I do have two teachers at one of my schools who have it. Actually I keep mine a secret and only a few know. I want to keep it that way too.

    Take care and have a great week.

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