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    Hi to everyone. I have been off for quite awhile trying to get well and searching. To the people who don't remember me i have been ill since 1999 after a bout with the flu, then mono..I am a RN and have been out of work dealing for alot of different symptoms caused by my diagnosis of CFS,
    Fibro, Osteoarthritis, heavy metal toxicity. My Dr. is Dr. Cheney from NC who is a known specialist in this area.
    For months I have been battling alot of pain, fatigue with intermittent good and bad days. However, my attitude has been changing along with this dd. I was not able to walk about 7 months ago and started Color Puncture theraphy along with myofacial release, cranial sacral theraphy and hemi-sync tapes for healing. I must tell you that I am know walking without my cane and learning to treat myself with the help of my acupuncturist to increase my energy.
    I am encouraged with Dr. Cheney new treatments in the horizon for CFS. I am presently taking alot of supplements,
    B12 shots qnite to remove the toxins from the brain by IM shots and Mg and taurine shots qnite to settle down the brain firings. I take 1-2mg Klonopin everynite with 600mg of Neurontin, and 5mg of Doxipin Elixir. I take Issoprennisin for the virus from Ireland everyday. Also Immunocal 2 scoops with 6gms of MSM mixed with low fat chocolat milk in the morning. I am presently going to have gene tests done which are knew and hopefully in 6-12months They will have passed a study for stem cells. There is hope in the future to wipe out this disease and I am certain that more and more people with this dd will be finding out about the new treatments on the horizon. Dr. Cheny is really excited about this. I am praying for everyone on this site that is afflicted with all these problems. The hemi=sync tapes help me alot to sleep and I hope some of this info will help someone for encouragement that we will survive and overcome this. I am a very stubborn person and it has taken me along time to accept what has happened and believe me there are days that im so pissed off that my life as i once knew it was pulled from under my feet. I know there is a reason for all of this and for all of us. We are the chosen ones. Ha ha
    My love and blessings to all of you. Don't give up I am here to tell you it will get better. When I have my bad days I no longer cry and feel sorry for myself because I know that I just have tosurrender to the moment or days that the relapses last and look forward to that. Well Im going on and on and hope this helps someone. Hugs Kathy
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    Geez, I've wondered whatever happened to you. We've had a lot of people interested in Dr. Cheney here lately. I knew you had been his patient and wondered how you were doing. Are you still living here? So glad to have you back. Stick around.

    Love, Mikie