Hi, blood tests abnormal. Can you help?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by luvdogs, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. luvdogs

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    It's me from a long time ago. I received blood tests today that showed an iron level of 25, when normal is (35-155). Does that mean I'm anemic? Does anyone know?

    Also my creatinine was 1.04 out of a normal range of (.57 - 1.00), and my eGFR (which is also a kidney value) was 56 out of a normal range of (greater than 59). Does that mean something is wrong with my kidneys?

    I have to preface this by saying that about a week after the test was taken, but before I had received the results. I had painful burning associated with urination. I went to the Urgent Care Center, and they found blood and white blood cells in my urine, but no bacteria. Even the culture found no bacteria. They still gave me an antibiotic, because I was in so much pain, and the antibiotic definitely helped.

    I know you're going to tell me to go to my doc., but they don't do same-day appointments, and even if you have an emergency, they won't necessarily see you. They just tell you to go to the ER, which is too expensive, of course.
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    I don't know about the other stuff, but at one time my iron level was way down at 10!
    I was considered iron anemic then, took prescription iron pills.
    Then found out I had baseball sized fibroid in my uterus, had it (and my uterus) removed, and low and behold my iron level is now fine. That fibroid was stealing all my iron!!! LOL
    I'm not saying this is whats wrong with you, just explaining!
    I don't know what that other stuff is, but I know there's a website that explains the normal levels. can't remember what it is, maybe google "blood test results" and you'll find it.

    Not sure, though, I'd ask if it would be good to take an iron supplement pill.

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    Hi, luvdogs.

    Yes, your low iron level does suggest that you have iron-deficiency anemia. It's also a good idea to have your ferritin level measured. Ferritin is the storage form of iron, and measuring it will give a better measure of your iron status.

    In cases of low iron, it's important to try to determine why it's low. In women who are menstruating, of course, there is a monthly loss of iron, but a diet that contains sufficient iron should be able to keep up with that loss. If your diet is adequate in iron, and your blood level of iron is still low, then other possible causes should be sought. A couple of common ones are especially heavy periods, which can have several causes, such as endometriosis or fibroids, or blood loss from the digestive tract, which can also have several causes. An occult blood test of the stools can indicate whether blood is being lost via the digestive tract.

    Elevated creatinine in the blood suggests that the kidneys are not able to filter it out and excrete it into the urine as fast as normal. A low value for the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) also suggests that the kidneys are not able to filter substances out of the blood as fast as normal.

    Your symptom of burning pain on urination suggested a urinary tract infection, as did the presence of blood and white cells in your urine. The fact that antibiotic treatment helped, suggests the same, even though bacteria could not be found or cultured.

    Do you mean that you no longer have burning pain on urination? Or is it just less severe than it was before the antibiotic treatment?

    Yes, you should go to your doctor :)-). There could be an unresolved issue with your kidneys, and it would be important to determine why your iron level was low.

    Best regards,


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