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    just let you know i`ve been feeling low today just got a call from ss. and they want to send me to there dr from ss. what will i expect from them,,, what will they do or say? hope they don`t send me to far from home i can`t even drive myself and if my hubby takes me he`ll lose a day from work,,but oh well,,,, till hear from you,,,gmom ,,

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    A regular Md?? I'll wait for your reply then write back..

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    I had to see one of there doctors too, which turned out to be a regular MD, which in most cases they are just MDs, unless there sending you to a Phyic doctor.

    I will tell you about my appt. and what all was done. Every doctor may be a little different, but most SS doctors do about the same things.

    This doctor was a Hour drive away from where I live, so hubby had to take off work as well to drive me and just be there for support.

    First off it's a good idea to have your hubby go with you anyway, even if its not far away or have a friend go with you. Your husband needs to go back with you while the doctor examines you, so you will have a witness there with you, in case this doctor was to write down things he may have not done or needed to do etc...

    They told me to wear very lose t-shirt and shorts.

    When I first went in, the nurse weighted me, took my blood pressure and wrote down all my medications. ** Be sure to take all your medications with you, even Vitamins you may take. The nurse stayed in there the whole time the doctor was in the room. He first began by asking me questions like...What are your medical conditions, symptoms, do I have any heart problems etc...

    **The best thing to do is make a list before you go, of all your medical condtions and symptoms so you want forget to mention anything.

    After asking me questions, he had me do things like lay back on the table, raise my legs as far as I could, pushed on my stomach here and there, pushed on different parts of my body to see if I was sore or had any pain from it, had me walk a straight line as I would normally walk, stand on my heals, had me reach down as far as I could...which I came no where close to being able to touch my toes, had me touch my nose with my eyes closed....he did different little things like this...

    He also ask me what todays date was, what year was it.

    I think the whole examine/process lasted about 30mins.

    After you see this doctor, Be sure to call your SS worker and ask for a copy of his report, you are allowed to get his report on you, but you have to request it from SS.

    I got a copy of my report afterwards and was able to read everything this doctor has said to SSD about me. He reported on how I was dressed and grommed. He reported on how my attitude and memory was during the examine. Plus all findings and things he saw and if I would be able to work a 8 hour job.

    ~Things to be sure to take~
    1. Have your husband go back with you or a friend while you are being examined.

    2. Be sure to wear very lose clothes

    3. Take All your medications with you, Prescribed meds and any vitamins etc..

    4. Take a list of all your medical condtions, illness and all symptoms!! List everything, even if your big toe hurts. Because its very easy to forget once your there, to tell him everything.

    I promise it's really not that bad, just be Honest and be sure to let the doc know your limitations...Dont let him push you to do something that is making you hurt etc...

    I wish you Much luck & many prayer Gmom!!!

    When do you have to go for the appt??? Be sure to let me know how it goes and I hope this has helped some.

    (((((Huga))))) & Prayers

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    to make sure she sees!!!
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    and thank you again,,the guy from ss said he was going to send the app. to me through the mail so i have to wait for that and let you know what happens,,, i`m little nervous, last night i couldn`t sleep ,,,can you image when i really have to go i probably won`t sleep at all!!!!!!!!!!! but i`ll keep everything you told me to do ok,,and thanks again,,also,,, have you been watching tv with this storm Rita ? we are in the path where they are saying it`s coming in s.cen.tx ,,,i know we need rain but not this much!! please keep us in your prayers!!!! gmom,,,,,

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    I hope you are feeling ok this morning and have a low-pain day!!!

    I'm glad the info helped. Please dont be nervous about going to there doctor ok...Just take the things with you, I posted above. It's really not that bad, just be honest and be sure to let the Doc know your limitations.

    Yes, I have been seeing on the news about Rita, seems to be the season for these storms. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!!! Keep me posted on how things go..

    (((Hugs))) & Prayers

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