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    Hi lady.......I think a lot more of the older crowd from more than l0 years ago are filtering back again.

    Hope everything is good with you. Did you ever finish that book you were working on? And what's the status of your siblings and your son? Still with his wife?

    I think us in Calif. have had pretty good weather this summer, considering how bad its been in the past years. Of course summer isn't over yet.

    take care......Nancy
  2. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    i will have to type in lower key's, as i now have a problem with my hands, narrowing of some thing in my fingers.
    my middle finger is , very swollen all the time, just had a bunch of x rays done, and i have bone spurs on my feet and in my neck,

    soooo how are you doing, glad to see your post, i check in now and then, to see how things are with the people i know here.

    my son and i see each other now and then, but we are good, his wife, not so much. oh well.

    my sis that lived with us for a while, has been in a n.h. for almost a year now, and will be going to an assisted living home, she will have her own room, and 24hr healthy people are to help her.
    we almost lost her, twice to some nasty virsus she got while at the hospitals.

    i cna hardly take care of myself, and i had lost 25lbs last year , but thanks to red velvet cake, i have gained some of it back,

    well i am getting the shakes, hope i hear back from you, and you can tell me how you, and some of the other loovely ladies are doing,

    thank God for backspace bar, lol

    GOD Bless you and yours

  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    And your brother? Is he still alive? 25 lbs!!!! That was a huge amount since you didn't have much to start with. I'm glad you've worked on gaining it back.

    My family is struggling with the economy like everyone else. My grandson is 9 and my granddaughter 4. I see them about every week or two. My oldest son moved to Portland, Oregon 4 years ago and I really miss seeing him. Thank goodness we talk often. My youngest son has been married 3 l/2 years already. And my mother has been gone for 5 years now. Hard to believe.

    I've lost contact with most of the ladies on the board we were on, except Pat. We've become very close friends and email almost daily.

    I'm sorry your fingers have gotten like that. Look up Ezorb online.....it's a special calcium and people say it's amazing for bone spurs and FM. My son in law has developed plantar fasciitis/bone spurs in his foot and I've passed this on to him too. I take it for the FM and osteopenia.

    Take care.....and get well.


  4. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    Nancy be sure yo say hi to Pat for me, she's such a nice person, i do hope she's doing well.

    i will look up that Ezorb , my doctors, want me to take Vita D and calcium, i guess the vita d helps to asorb the cal. so it's worth a try.

    i've had plantar fasitis since 92, but only in the heel, now it's my whole foot that is having problems.

    I keep flunking my Bone densitiy tests, i do have osteopenia, and it's in my fingers, too.

    my younger bro. is now living with a nephew, that is a caregiver, and can handle his drinking, he keeps him busy out at the Ranch.
    they, belong to a time-share type of membership, it's in temulca,
    so there's lot of things to do to keep him off the hard stuff.

    my bro. david passed away, a few yr's ago, and then my hubbys mom passed on, and now we have a house to sell up in council id, where there is no work, and the prop. value keeps droping,

    i think hubby is going to see about getting a loan so we can by it.

    then the family would be able to keep up with the reunion's, i would love that.

    you are so Blessed to have a great family, and grandkids, how lucky you are for sure,
    my son and his w aren't going to have any kids, it's their choice, and i would be lying if i said it wasn't a dissapointment, but, its their life.

    I actully found out where my son works and just what it is that they do,
    so proud of him, that he has a job he loves.
    the corp. he works for, is a womens company, and they do work for the space agencies, and other co.s
    it keeps him busy and that is why i don't see him to much.

    we went a year, without seeing him or talking to him, then last Christmas, he came over, i actully fell in to his arns crying, i know how hard he tries to see me and i am much relieved.

    his dad, my ex, passed away 2 yr;s ago, so i think that makes a difference in our being closer.

    Curt died sitting on a bus bench by his home, what a shock that was,
    I had my usual trip to Vegas planned, and was going to cancell it, but my son said go, since there wouldn't be any services, except, for cremation and then buried out at Riverside, they have a special area for Vet's.

    I am thinking to having my bro.s ashes buried there also, they were both in the V. war, but my bro. was wounded, and never got better after that.

    well listen to me, gee going on, about me, it's been a long time since i have visited with anyone, forgot how gabby i can be.

    are you still painting? and how is you garden doing, blooming i hope.
    has your neighborhood, been troubled by the bears, that have been coming down to the homes, looking for food.

    well better go, my pills are wearing off, so i better shut up, lol
    please tell me more about you and pat, what you two ladies have been doing, and your family.

    God Bless,
  5. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I remember all the troubles with his wife. I go thru a little like that with my daughter in law. Sometimes I just wish he would come here without her. She makes me feel so bad. And don't forget....everyone's life looks better than your own if we think that way. I have to keep reminding myself of all the blessings God has given us.

    Yes, I still paint almost daily but don't care to look for any gallery anymore. Too much hassle for what I would end up with and there's wonderful artists everywhere. With the bad economy even they're having trouble selling.

    Yes, I still garden when I'm up to it. We had to remove a large pine tree in front so there went all my shade. I've been busy putting in succulents so I won't have to water.

    No bears this summer. Lots of coyotes though and lots of missing pets. We know how they disappear. Sad but true. My cats are always brought in before I go to bed.

    Did you get all your material organized for your book? You said you have troubles with your fingers.....so you're not typing or working on it. I was soooo looking forward to reading it. You had such an exciting early years.

    Pat, Jill and I used to email each other. Jill was going thru depression and then I sunk into a deep one, but thankfully I feel like I'm coming out of it. So no more connection with Jill.

    Take care.....Maybe you could arrange a dinner with just him once a month? Give it a thought. He might like that too.

  6. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    while my sis was living with me, we had 3 different caregivers, and oh brother, that will never happen again.

    the first one did hardly anthing and kept missing days, with the dumbest excuses.
    then when we let her go, she made a bogus reason , as to why, so when unemployment, sent us a form, we told them the truth about, her not showing up, plus she drinks, great,,,,

    number2 was just as bad, claiming hours she didn't work, plus other things.

    then the biggest mistake we made was to hire, the sister of the woman who the agency was to send.
    she got approved, good background check and al.

    she was very sweet, and cleaned everthing, meaning, she through out the box that had my almost finished book, i about died, i do have some notes , and some stuff on the computer, but, with my hands like they are, and the ups and downs of fms/cmpd, ect. i can't start over again.

    she also stole my mom's engement ring, i discovered that right away, and call her and said i would not press charges if she brought it back right away,
    she didn't bother to deny it, just said she needed some money for her moms insulin.

    baloney, her older sis, is a dr. i checked that out, because it didnt sound right, otherwise why wouldnt her sis supply their mom, with her med.s

    anyway, she did bring it back, then, get this...
    she wanted to know if she still had a job. and yes i did report her to the agency that handles the caregivers.

    when she took it, she left the wedding ring, and my wedding ring, ????????

    using 4 fingers to type is getting a little easier,

    my son, is so busy, but makes a good effort, considering that i am up all night, and in my room all dy, trying to sleep, lol.
    just seeing him is great,
    did you see the mars landing, this morning, on the news, my son helped design the oscolaters, sp?, for them, most things he can't talk about , but some, he can, lol. he is very quite anyway, im just so proud. moms can be right/

    sorry about the dissapering pets, i keep my babies inside all the time, to dangerous outside for them, and no real area to roam really, my yard is so tiny.

    g;ad you aare still doing some gardening and still painting, even tho, we lose some/most in my case, the ability to do it all, like we used to,
    but we keep on doing what we can,

    i believe that is the only reason, i get out of bed, its the small chores i can still do, i did have tocut bac on ironing tho, i do miss that, but the hand and arms just arent up to it.

    i am sorry that you and jill, experinced depression, i know that with our conditions, it happen's, some of us do and some of us don't no cookie cutter symptoms with these dd's.

    dr. and labs will be keeping me busy this week, bummer.

    glad to reconnect with you agin,

    stay cool if possible, it' so hot.
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