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    Sorry I missed you at noon on Sunday. My husband was shampooing our carpets and I was without my computer.

    I guess we can start out slow with this.

    Have you considered hiring ALLSUP? You can call and talk with them without hiring them. I did and really like them. If I hadn't done this on my own because I'm so annal, I would have hired them. In fact if I get my first denial I will be calling them. Everyone that has used them loves their kindness and patience with their clients.

    If you want to do it on your own your first step is to research; go to "disinissues" on line and read all of their advise about filling on your own. Click on "files". Lot's and lot's of advise there. You can also print the forms that you will need. It takes a long time to fill out. It took me two months before I finished.

    Let me know if your going to file your self or go with ALLSUP. After you read the info at "disinissues", write back.

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    If you had trouble with disinssues you may not have the cognitive skills to do this yourself(that's another great reason to collect SSDI). I can concentrate for an hour before I loose interest and than get a headache from thinking so hard.

    Here is the phone number for ALLSUP 800-279-4357. You paid into SS all of the years you worked, it's just like an insurance policy only harder to collect. If you've been out of work for 18 months this is the perfect time to apply. They hold back six months from what I'm told so you could get 12 months of back pay.

    Your NOT a nut case you have this DD. We all feel this way.

    Right now I wish I had ALLSUP because they assign you a rep and you can call that person anytime when your confused or worried about your case.

    I just got a letter on Saturday from SS and they scheduled me for a psych evaluation. Now I'm a nervous wreck over it. What do I say, how do I act, etc. No one to call or ask for advise. That's the big difference in doing it your self. Your on your own. If I had ALLSUP I could call them.

    I did hire an attorney but fired him within a month because he was just to damn slow. See what I mean about being annal.

    OK BTD, I want you to get off line right now and pick up the phone and call 1-800-279-4357. Can you tell I used to be in management? Bossy!!!

    Write back after your call. If you don't I'll keep pushing you.


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    You should mention it at every visit but I have to tell you when I got copies of my medical records from my very supportive doctor I was shock to see how poorly he documented. When I was working he would tell me to go out on LTD but never wrote that down once. Then after I stopped working he kept telling me to file for SSDI-not one single word in there that says I'm disabled. Monday, I went to see him and asked him to write it down and he said doctors don't say that in their charts they just write the symptoms. I disagree but what can you do.

    SS says if they don't think your doctors notes confirm what you say is disabiling than they will send you to a SS doctor for conformation. Like I said they are sending me for a psych evaluation but not a physical evaluation at least not yet.

    You appear to me to be pretty sick, your in bed, right? If you are your more ill than a lot of us which makes me think you have a better chance than most of us.

    I know that phone call to ALLSUP is a hard one to make but you really need to just do it. All it is is a phone call. You are not committed until they send you a contract and you sign it. They send a nice packet with all the information about their company.

    Try it!


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