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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fivesue, Jan 8, 2006.

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    (just erased a whole message to you! Darn it! Well, begin again!)

    Hi Kim...

    Just a note to wish you a good week. We are leaving tomorrow, and this is not how my first note started. Phooey! Talk about brain fog.

    I am wondering when your appointment is with the new doc? What kind of doc is he and what do you hope he helps you with? The whole thing or one thing in particular? I can hardly keep track of my own doctors and what I'm being treated for; whatever happened to the old family doctor who treated you from the cradle to the grave? Gone with the 50's, I think.

    How is your friend whose husband just passed away? What a hard thing for her. I'm watching my mother change before my eyes...I'm sure it's part of the process, but she is acting very differently now and I am prepared for her to continue to change while all this transition happens. Did you mother seem to change after the death of your dad? I watched this with other women who have become widows.

    So, please take care, and I will be praying for you...your plan about going to a warmer place near an airport sound great! You are probably right about at the time of life when you can do this. How great for you.

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    I thought you were gone! Where are you going? For how long? I hope you have a good and restful, time. However, I will MISS YOU!!

    Hopefully, you will pick this up tonight.

    My friend and her daughter, are dealing with the grief which has now settled in. Terri cries every night when she comes home and Dave isn't there. Emily was a daddy's girl. It is so difficult. It is heartbreaking.

    Yes, expect to see changes in your mom as each day progresses. Dad will be dead 3 years in June, and my Mom is not the 'mom' I had before Dad died. It has changed everything. After all the years our parents had together, I can't even imagine what it is like now.

    I think of you and pray for you. I miss my Dad very much. Time doesn't heal, but is does form a 'scab' that doesn't hurt quite as much. I do not believe there is ever complete healing, just resignation. At least I can now allow myself to think of my Dad and our good times, and the bad, without falling apart. These memories are true treasures.

    This new doc is a rheumy who Ellen sees. She has talked about the time he takes with people like us!! Very compassionate. Not one to shy away if a patient is in true pain. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but I am excited, if that makes sense! LOL

    It is time to be thinking about that move! Between the horrid weather, lack of sun, etc., it does appeal to me. At least for now! I think maybe it would do our kids good to have us not always be here. Does that make sense? It would only be 4-5 months a year. Still having a difficult time committing to it due to my Mom living in town. Like the sand in an hour glass..... LOL

    Sweetie, I truly hope you read this. I just have to know how long I am going to miss you :(

    Take perfect care...



  3. fivesue

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    We are leaving in the morning, and we will be gone until next Sunday. We are going first to Jim's mom's for her birthday on the 11th and then to my mom's for her birthday on the 14th. My, my. At least we can get them both in one trip. Our darling cat is coming with us, and I'm so glad. He's a great traveler, and I like having him around.

    I so glad to hear about the rheumie ,and yes, I know what you mean. I am so happy being back with my old PCP because he helps me, doesn't flinch if I'm in pain, has seen me through so many illnesses especially the last 8 years; in fact, I wasn't sick until then.I will pray this guy is the one for you and he will follow his reputation and help you. You, my dear, need a doc who will treat you like a real person with a real pain issue and not tell you it's all in your head or you're just masking the problem...those have been said to me by another doctor...that I left very quickly.

    You are right about your kids...they will appreciate you more as you won't always be available. My son who lives away is much more eager to talk, to see me than the one who live around the corner. Why? Because I have always been around the corner, always been within walking distance since he was born 36 years ago. He takes me for granted, and that's OK because he's a responsible guy. But, I'll bet he'll be a bit more chatty when we move to Mt. Shasta. (-:

    So, you take perfect care of yourself, also, Kim. We are leaving the cold rain for warm, 70 degrees and sunny Santa Barbara where we may rent a bicycle built for two...or a tandem as the new younguns' call them now. We will be able to ride along the Pacific Ocean on a trail of cement and watch the people, the sea, and smell the salt air...and wear shorts! (Not short shorts...(-: )


    Will write in a week...


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