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    I wear a bruxism appliance (on lower teeth). Suprisingly, my dental insurance DID NOT COVER IT but my regular HEALTH INSURANCE DID. Thanks to a great receptionist who really checked into things for me. Talk to your dental receptionist or call your regular health insurance and see what the chances are that it can be covered by them. If it is a chronic health issue and not just a dental problem they may help pay for things.
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    Hi fibrojo,

    Thank you for the suggestion. It has been a few years since I went to the specialist dentist...But as I recall, they would bill through my medical, but the compounded pharmacy cream was not covered by my insurance...The X rays were not covered because they are dental x-rays (done at a specialty X-ray place) & the X-ray facility would not take insurance at all. You had to pay cash up front & I could not afford it. Plus, I had my TMJ's x-rayed many years ago (can't remember why cost/ insurance wasn't an issue back then!) & my joints were fine.

    Like Nanjee (Nancy ), I suspect there is nothing wrong with my TMJ joints themselves (except some inflammation) & it's more a muscular problem from the Bruxism.

    Oh, now I remember! (Fibro fog is lifting slightly!) The dentist would not do injections until I had had the x-rays done...So, I was left without any affordable treatment options.

    It's OK, I guess because my symptoms have improved dramatically with using my CPAP machine for my newly diagnosed sleep apnea & upper airway resitance syndrome. My jaws & ears are better. (Not perfect, but better!)

    My splint was made by this dentist years ago...You are right...I think it was covered by my medical insurance. I'll go back & revise my reply in the other thread!

    Thanks again for your post.