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    I saw your post on the Birthday thread. Does this mean you were once an Easter egg? Saw your post on the What would you like to see thread too. Yes, it would be very nice to meet you and what's his name? Richard? Or is that Barry's partner?

    I started a list of people's significant halves and better others since I can't remember nothing no more. (I think Ken's wife is Wendy.) Like all my lists, it disappeared.

    Have been more depressed and less energetic last few moths. Got an e mail today from a bridge playing friend saying he went to a therapist today cause he has been depressed for the past year.

    He, my friend, used to go to 12 step meetings. Got sober and clean about 20 years ago. Gordon says it's probably turning 60 that has him feeling down.

    What's going on in the world of theatre? I was in Minneapolis when they started the Guthrie theatre. Saw everything the first few years.

    Saw Gutherie at an intermission once. Dressed pretty much like a bum. Well, this was in the days when people dressed up to go to the theatre. He had on tennis shoes and wrinkled old clothes. Very tall! Then the trumpeters came out and blew a fanfare and intermission was over.

    One of the actors in the early days was Ken Ruta. There was a picture of him in a bathtub in the Minneapolis Star. Bout ten years ago I went to a play at the Dorothy Chandler Music Center in downtown LA. Ken was in the play. Talked to him afterwards. He seemed pleased that I remembered him.

    Another actor from those days was Michael Morriarity. He was in his 20s but looked younger. In one of Shakeaspheare's comedies he was wearing nothing but homespun pants. The play was shifted to post Civil War America. He stood on a dark stage in the spotlight; a stunning picture.

    Well, I'd better quit before this vanishes in a puff.

    Ha det bra


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    Wonderful to hear from you! My partner's name is Gary; I am TERRIBLE TERRIBLE at remembering names, and always have been. I can meet some one, remember all about their siblings, their likes in music, their food allergies - but their name will disappear in a cloud of mist...

    Rock, before I discuss the theatre world... I would just like to say that, I know there is nothing I can do to alleviate your despair. It's such a personal thing. I wish I could.

    I'm doing an original play right now that seems to be a huge success, but is not that satisfying. I'm toying with starting a company. There seems to be interest.

    They reopened the Guthrie this year with Ian McKellan in King Lear and The Cherry Orchard. Oh, what I would have given to have seen that!

    I just came home from performing, and I have a rather nasty case of bronchitis, so I think I'm going to cut this short and get my rest - we lose an hour tomorrow, and I do have a matinee.

    Take care, my friend...

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    That's it. Sorry. Just couldn't fish it up. Got brain fog w/ the CFS when I was about 40. Now it's Alzheimer's. Once I belonged to MENSA. Now I'm fast becoming goofy enough to run for President.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. Like so many things, it has ups and down from mild to moderate. Anyway, I remember seeing the Cherry Orchard. Maybe it was the 2nd season at the Guthrie. Jessica and Hume were in it. Saw them decades later in Hollywood at the Huntington Hartford theatre in The Gin Game.

    In my youth I went to everything, usually free because I ushered. The theatre, the Mpls symphony, the Met (on tour), touring Broadway shows w/ great stars (Martin, Channing, Drake, Grable, Rathbone, J. Powell, M. Loy, M. Ray, M. Sheen, and more I can't remember).

    Now I don't go. The cost is prohibitive and famous theaters like the Pantages and the Dorothy Chandler have lousy accostics unless you sit down front.

    I read a novel recently. Can't remember which one. Anyway the "star" was complaining that she had a matinee. Didn't think much of the typical matinee audience.

    I sometime fantasize about being an opera singer and making recordings. But lately I've been thinking it might be more fun to run the record company.

    Would it take a lot of money to start you own theatre company? Are the some plays/roles you've been longing to do?

    Oh, Gordon and I have to go over to his mother's place and walk the dogs. Good to hear from you.