hi can anyone help me please

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  1. loopylorna

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    hi people, im new here,
    i was in hospital in 2001 for 9 months with an eatting disorder.
    eerything had been fine until the last few weeks. im feeling really low and just want to hurt myself. when i was down i used to stop eatting but i know thats wrong so i dont want to do that. but im getting more mixed up in my head. but anyone suggest something for me to do to let my anger out. please help
  2. PVLady

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    It might be a good idea to go back to your doctor and let them know how you are feeling. Perhaps if you catch this early, you will not not wind up really sick again.

    Someone close to me has an eating disorder, Anorexia. I know she is very sensitive, but a wonderful person.

    Why are you angry. Maybe it will make you feel better to do some venting.

  3. loopylorna

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    thanks for you reply,
    the reason i feel so up tight is i have epilespcy and was in hospital all of feb and march. I was then told by my main phycrtist that it best for me to stay off school and not sit my exam. This means i have not seen any of my friends at all. also when we had to pick universities for september i was ill and really didnt have my mind on it so i picked a wrong course, which means i now have to wait for another year till i can go. im just not sure on anything anymore. as a whole family we have had problem since i was 7 and my nan blames me for most of it which is hard to take in even though i would bend over backwards for her.
    sorry for moaning
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    go to someone and ask for help-you are dealing with so much.Can you go to therapy and talk with someone.Maybe that is all you may need is to share everything and get support.That is a start to help yourself.You have been sick enough and don't want to get worse.Be good to yourself