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    I just wanted to let you know that I found you on the other side saying that you got some new meds for energy. Just curious to know how and if it heps you. I never even thought they had meds for lack of energy. I know I have had it for years but a also on enough meds so not sure if I want to take anything.

    Drop a line or post when you get the chance to sweetie. Haven't really spoken to you in a while except for on the Porch.

    Hope this new med. helps you with your energy and also that you can sleep better tonight that you have done the last few. Not to muc new here. I had better do some paintint of the porh tomorrow . Unfortunatly, it is our porch and not the one on the Boards. I have been cutting back or trying to om my flexeril and clonazapan at night so I haven't been sleeping completley through either. Getting up and going to the bathroom. Have been talking 3/4 of a clonazepam instead of a whole one for awhile You have to cut back on it very slowly.

    Bye for now. Have to go and fix dinner sweeetie.

    Good luck on your new med tomorrow.

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    Elaine - thanks alot for all the iformation on energy meds and supplements. I am already taking CoQ10 150 mg. What strength CoQ10 have you used ? I am guessing you are not taking it or them anymore since you are on the medication. I don't go to a FM, CFS, etc. synddrome specialist just a Rheumy. I may ask her about it when I go for my next visit. It is just ot my top symtptom and I don't know if I would feel it so much if I didnt have the pain.

    How much of akk the supps did you take and what dosage?? I think I have some DHEA but what is the difference between that and the 7 Keto?? I have just had it all for so long that I don't kow what feels normal anaymore-whatever that is ??

    Have you taken the sleep supp that PH makes? What is it called? I was thinking of trying that . Maybe then I could go down on my gen. Klonopin.

    Candy - Hope you got a good or better nights sleep last night than the night before. I have been trying to wean myself down from the 0.5 mg clonozapam that I take along with my flexeril at might for sleep. I have it down to 3/4 of a pill but still have been getting up at night a time or two(and go to the bathroom of course).

    The weataher has been yucky with some light rain last night. So hope we can ge out there to finish or at least almost finish this dopey porch painting (-: (just wat I feel like doing.

    Hope you both have a great day and good weekend. TTYL !!

    Lots of blessings and hugs to you both,


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    Thanks again for the info on the supplements you were using and are.

    Are you taking anything for sleep other than the Fibrosleep or whatever it is? I just glanced at what you wrote and have not copied it off yet. I was thinking of trying that one.

    Oh yes, and as an old non practicing nurse Iknow about adding each new thing separately for awhile first before adding somethingelse. It makes lots of sense in case there are any reactions, allergies, etc. etc. Then you can tell what is probably causeing the problems.

    Bye for now.



    PS Did you ever take just medication for sleep? If so , and you switched did you continue or stop the meds. know I cannot stop the Klonopin right off.. I has to taper with that so far I haven't tapered off to far - just by 1/4 of a pill.
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    What prescritpion meds are you on plus the supplements ?

    Right now I am on generic Klonopin and Flexeril 10 mg and am trying to go down on the generic Klonopin. I have gotten down to 3/4 of a pill .05mg If I remember correctly. Hawven';t don't that great so far on foing down that is why I was thinking about adding the Fibrosleep also. If that works, maybe I can dose down some more on the klonopin.

    Hope I unconfused you a little bit. Good luck on your lazering this coming week hon.


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    I was just wondering what presc. meds you were on besides the supps for sleep. Are you only taking the two you just mentioned? That does not mean what you ae taking I want to take. I was just wondering if I could take the Fibrosleep with what I am taking now (Flexeril and Klonopin (generic). I would like to possibly try take them but slowing cutting back on my Klonopin.

    I have een cutting back by 1/4 of a pill of Klonopin but still get up at least once a night but have been going back to sleep.

    Gotta run and go to church my dear !! Have a gareat day.

    Luv, Granni
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    Do you take any vitamines at all and do you think they are reallyhelping?

    I have been taking packets of women's vitamins that has lots of stuff in it from HSN autoship for quite awhile?

    If you do take vitamins are they from PH ? Would like to see the ingredients . If it is from Ph you don't have to type in all the ingrredients since the info is on the PH site here.

    Just looking to see if there are any vits that might be any better and MAYBE cost less. These are not cheap I take for sure.

    No rush my dear. I know you are busy plus trying to rest some too - makes sense doesn't it (not really).


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    I THINK you may have answered my question. I just wanted to know if you are taking any VITAMINS (multivitamins of any sort). I know that you are taking prescription drugs along with SUPPLEMENTS.

    I was asking about VITAMINS. It sounds like you are not taking any, is that correct?

    Oh, have you ever tried sublingual B-12 or any other and did it work fory ou?

    Thanks for all your info. so far also.

    Blessings and hugs,

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    Thanks Elaine for the info and for the sleeping aides on your supplements. I don't hope eto be using most of them esp for sleeping !! (-: !!

    Go ahead if you want to to delete the sleeping aides. That is fine. I got the info.

    Gotta run and go paint. I had a dentist appt this a.m. for a cleaning so now I have to work!!

    Candy - hope the fatigue med. works for you. It may take more than a few days to really help . Drop a note when you can. Sorry I have no time now to really write more.



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    Candy and Elaine,

    I am so glad to hear that you are both so PERKY this morning although Elaine almost always sounds Perky.

    It is wonderful new to hear that it seems to be working pretty well so far and so fast. I guess you took a whole tablet, did you?? I hope it contiunes to do well for you and that the price is not to exensive.

    The cost, I imagine will depend on your insurance or lack of same. I just looked it up on my insurance , which is Carkmark or just changing to CVS/Caremark . It costs $70 for a three months supply which is not to bad, all things considered. That is for mail order and a 1 months supply in the pharmacy is $35. Being a brand name and possibly also a specialty drug it can be expensive bit it can't be as bad as the Forteo I took daily for my osteoporosis for two years. If I did NOT have insurance it would have been at least $600 a oen (which kasts a month). I got it for $80 for a 3 month supply and then $70 oin the last one cause they merged and things were a bit different under CVS/Caremark. Yours may only be a brand name and so not as bad as specialty drug.. Don't know much about that drug. It sounds like it might just be a brand name.

    Hope also that the drug is not hard to get. I think they may have a generic but our insurance does not carry it. If it is VERY expensive you might ask if they do have the generic form. Also, the doc may not want you to take the generic (like I say IF THEY EVEN HAVE ONE). On our site it just said NOT AVAILABLE. So, the MIGHT have one.

    I am going back on the Fosomax when I receive mine for my osteoporosis. It is now $15 for generic which they now have (3 mos supply). When I was on it a few years ago they did not havae generic so I paid $70 for the Brand name for 3 months. Ialso think this time I am taking it once a week instead of once a month.Again, good luck and I hope the price is not to much, especially when you are on some many drugs and many of them are not generic.

    "Ditto Kiddos" on how I feel towards you both. I say kiddos cause you are about the age of my kiddos.

    Elaine - Hope all went well with your "zapping? yesterday of should I say monday I think, although you are probably used to it by now esp since you had it before with your first bout.

    Sorry sweeties but I gotta go check the porch and a few other things and get ready for our trip OOT this weekend for the State KC Convention in Dallas. Have to iron and start thinking of packing adn all that stuff.

    More later my dears !!

    Lotsa hugs and blessings,


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