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    Thanks so much for your reply and the electronic hug. Sorry to hear about your brain fog--hope it's temporary. It was such a help to me mentally to find out that there are at least two other people besides me who use crutches. Don't get me wrong. I'm not happy that you can't walk without them, but well---you know what I mean. If you have a chance, I'd like to know a bit more about your experience. Here are some of my questions. How long did you have this illness before you had trouble walking? How long have you been using crutches? Did you start with canes? I did for about one month and then threw them away--they're almost no support without working your arms to death.How much do you use them? Only outside? In the house? Most days? Every day? Do you use them mainly because of weakness or because of pain, or both? Did you have any training with a therapist to learn to use them or are you "self tought" like me? Do you use the 2 point gait or the 4-point gait? I use the 2 pt on days when my legs are slightly weak and the slower 4-pt when the weakness is worse.If you don't know these terms mean( I'm sure you do), there's a cute little animation illustrating them in the interactive section of walkeasy.com. I hope it's not an imposition or a horrible bore, me asking all these nosey questions. Forgive me one last question. Do you ever get over it, psychologically? When I first started using my "extra legs" it wasn't so bad because it was only part time,and I knew I'd be walking without them tomorrow. But then I gradually began to use them more and more. One day, about three mo. ago I went on a major shopping spree. I must have walked 2 or 3 miles at the Malls. When I got home I figured I'd just put them in the closet untill the next time I went out. When I tried to take a step without them, I couldn't do it. I couldn't walk without crutches. I figured I just overdid it and I'd be better in the morning. The next day I still couldn't walk and that's when it hit me. One year ago I was walking normally. Six mo ago my legs were just a little weak and sore. Now I'm going to be on crutches for the rest of my life. I must have cried every night for a month. Gradually my strength improved to where I can now walk a little bit without support but I know It will never be quite the same. I have such a love-hate relationship with those crutches. I love the mobility, I hate not being able to walk without them, but I'm slowly learning to adjust. Again I apologize for unloading on you, but how many people understand from experience what I'm going through. If I'm being a pest, just let me know. Also, please look at the reply phenom made right after yours and then look at what I wrote back to her in a message titled " Hi Phenom" It might be a good idea if you wrote to her and reinforced what I said. The poor thing is giving up her freedom and mobility because she's worried about her friends thinking she's a fake.

    Lots of love, Jackie

    P.S. I'm sitting here confined to my house by an ice storm. I haven't fallen yet and I'm not going to start today.
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    Thanks so much for the reply. I've only found 2 other people on this board who use crutches (phenom and sharondawber) and its very helpful for me to be able to "compare notes". Do you use them pretty much all the time? What sort of gait do you use( 2-point, 4-point,etc.)? If your legs are more tight than weak can you explain how the crutches help?

    By the way, you're not too old!!!

    LOL and please stay in touch. You can't imagine what a help it's been to me to know I'm not the only one!!!


    PS: There's not something else going on. I've had a thorough workup, even muscle biopsy. They say my muscle strength tests out as near normal but my legs sure seem weak when I try to walk. Maybe unsteadyness would be a better term but whatever you call it I feel much more secure with my "extra legs". It's either crutches or stay away from the malls---easy choice!!! I too have a walker which I sometimes use around the house, but never outside. They are so clumsy and almost impossible on steps. I refuse to use a wheel chair or scooter.
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