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    I just need a little more info regarding the Topamax..Do you remember how long it took for your daughter to stop having the fatigue and does she have CFS? I just have much more fatigue from this med than anything before to point that I can't do much of anything physically or mentally..but I won't it to work so badly for migraine prevention... LOVE, AMELIA
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    No, my daughter doesn't have CFS. She was prescribed the Topomax because she started having seizures. I really don't remember how long it took for her to get over the fatigue, she does have FM though, so hard to tell - was the fatigue from Topomax or FMS? It actually took several months for us to realize that since starting the Topomax she had no more Migraines. For that reason, if nothing else, it's been a godsend for her. She had the type of migraines where she had the vomiting and couldn't stand the daylight, sound, or anything else. She is actually doing wonderful now, is even back to working full time again. Not to mention the fact of the weight loss which I know has helped her self-esteem. She has gone from a size 16/18 to a size 6. She use to crave sweets and now she can't stand them. She hasn't had any seizures either since starting the Topomax which, of course, was the most important issue. I hope you have as good of luck on it as she has had.