Hi Diane.......hope you see this

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    We all miss you! You add so much to the board. I've been thinking about you a lot lately and wondering how the therapy is going? Good I hope and that you're making inroads

    DH has sought help at a psychiatrist almost 2 weeks ago. He's now taking an antidepressant, and I'm hoping he can come out of this funk he's in. This cancer has aged him quite a lot, and then he got a swollen knee about 2 months ago. Saw an ortho for that, had an MRI 2 weeks ago and was told it was arthritis. He's limping around a lot, walking really slow. The only way I can say about it all is he's just "disappearing" from everything. So along with all of that and my health troubles I'm now fighting depression.....bummer.
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    We miss you Diane.... Hope you are doing alright.

    SFG, you have a lot on your plate, and it is only natural that you should be feeling depressed. I sympathize and empathize with you.

    Love to you both,
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    Me to Diane, and I know a lot more of us are missing you sweetie !!

    Luv ya,
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    Me too, Diane.

    Sunflower Girl, is DH a candidate for laproscopic surgery on his knee to clean out the OA and smooth out the joint? It's a nothing surgery. I walked out of the surgical center after mine on both knees. Also, if the OA is still moderate enough, he might be a candidate for injecting that gel into the joint. It's like a lube job for the knee. It helped me prolong both surgeries and then helped me recover from them. The one I had is made from the combs of chickens; who thinks up this stuff? Anyway, I had to endure the jokes and jibes from my friends who wanted to know if they could have any eggs when I start to lay. Well, the laughter and joking was as healing as the procedures. Good luck.

    Again, Diane, I'm praying for you.

    Love, Mikie
  5. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi, everybody. :)

    Thanks for the shout-out, Sun (and all the replies to this thread). I've been missing you, and all. Just haven't felt up to posting, unless it's on a song game thread on the homebound/bedbound board. I LOVE music. :)

    Sun, how is DH doing on the antidepressant? I hope it's helping him. Or is it too early to tell? Both you, and of course DH, have a lot to deal with. ((hugs)) I've been reading the porch posts and trying to keep up with y'all. My heart goes out to all, and all that we all are dealing with.

    Therapy has been moving at a snail's pace. Think molasses in January. And I'm getting frustrated. My counselor is great! I could talk to her for hours and hours. :)

    But I think it's the psychiatrist who's screwing things up a bit. He keeps giving me meds that don't agree with me. The last med -- Kevin just took it away from me and said "no more!" That's how many side effects I had.

    So I take a new med, it doesn't agree with me. After a week, I stop (with permission). Then it takes maybe 10 to 14 days to get the med out of my system. Then I see the doc again, and it's a new med. And the cycle continues.

    I'm fine on Klonopin. My dose has been raised twice now. And I'm fine -- no daily panic attacks. But I still have panic attacks when it comes to "anything medical."

    Now the doc is thinking -- let's try adding meds for schizophrenia and bipolar. NO WAY!

    I want to try to do my best with counseling, without dealing with drugs and side effects and withdrawals. I don't want MORE meds.

    I've been reading a lot of fiction for distraction. And I've had several good books. I did read the Maeve Binchy short story book and I loved it!

    Rosie's been ..... well, she's being a kitten. She had a bit of a medical problem, and it was diagnosed that she's maybe one of the 6% of cats who have chronic constipation. Now we add fiber to her diet, and a tiny bit of Miralax, and homemade broth for hydration (chicken broth or fish broth).

    And she's back to NORMAL! Rough-housing. She's been getting eyedrops daily for a scratched cornea. Uhhhh.

    And then there's the corns she developed on her front paw pads. Oh joy. I will have to clip corns, when I clip claws. I don't look forward to that.

    Faithy and Beety are doing well. Well, except for rough-housing with Rosie! LOL

    Kevin's recovering from a sinus infection/bronchitis. He had taken a couple sick days and worked from home 4 days this past week.

    And well, I told y'all about me, above.

    So that's what's going on here.

    Good to hear from y'all. I hope to be back posting, when things get to be "more normal" for me.

    Love and hugs to y'all,

  6. rockgor

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    Hi Diane

    Glad to see you were up to posting. Regards to Kevin. I'd include a corny joke for
    Rosie, but the only jokes I know are the subtle, sophisticated kind. :cool:

  7. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Diane,

    Thanks so much for posting an update on you and family !!! Patience I think is the key and pretty important. I just wonder if anyone has had much luck with homeopathic or natural supplements with your problems. I wouldn't venture any suggestions because I don't know much about those kind. The suggestion is there mainly because you are so sensitive to many of those drugs. Eventually the doc has got to run out of drugs to try :)!! I know that is no fun for sure to try these drugs that only give you side effects. He should figure it out after awhile that they only cause problems for you.

    Hope it doesn't take to long for him to figure it out. If he does this for some time you might want to tell him that is enough of the trying drugs for you.. I am sure he is just trying to help you but it is your body. Keep on with the therapist for sure.. So glad that the Klonopin has been helping you !!!

    Try and be patient and after awhile she might be very helpful to you too. It is especially frustrating when you are sick or Kevin and Rosie's problems, etc.. Hope Kevin feels better SOON !!!

    Sun - Than you so much for starting this thread so we could show Diane how much we love and miss her.

    Have been thinking about you a lot especially when I come on the PH boards..

    TTY soon. Bye for NOW !!!

    Granni :)
  8. ConfusedInPA

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    Thanks for all the messages, y'all. I appreciate them!

    Julie, Have a safe and wonderful trip.

    Rock, Rosie might like a corny joke, but since you're such a suave sophisticated guy, you probably don't know that kind of corny humor. :)

    Granni, thank you for all the encouragement and support.

    Jam, I think of you often, too.

    As far as new meds, well since we've nicely adjusted meds for anxiety etc., and ruled out SSRIs, SRIs, SNRIs .....

    I will not try others. I am neither bipolar nor schizophrenic. If my "mood" seems off -- I want more help with therapy and OFF the roller coaster ride of med trials, side effects and withdrawals. I've "lost" a couple months just resting and recuperating from what meds I've tried. (BTW, for those who don't know me, I am very sensitive to meds. And I cannot tolerate a med that "messes" with my seratonin.)

    I see the doc again on July 1. Kevin's going to accompany me into the appointment. He's the one who sees "what happens" to me. I want him to tell the doc.

    So for now, that's where I am. No more drugs. But I still need help coping, and look forward to seeing what Braden (the counselor) has to offer. If I'm no further along say -- well, 2 months from now -- I might request a referral for a new counseling place. Been talking to these guys since January, seeing them since late February. Eight months should be long enough for me to decide.

    Rosie is doing way better! No more eye drops, her weeping eye, etc., cleared up. Faithy and Beety and Rosie (again) are now all three being rambunctious, enjoying life.

    Great to hear from y'all.

    And Sun, how are things with you and yours??? Y'all are in my thoughts and prayers.

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  9. Granniluvsu

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    So glad that Kevin is going to accompany you to the next therapist appointment. That should be great for all of you in understanding your problems, including the Doc.. Hope that you don't have to travel to far to go to see him. Might not even be a bad idea for him to maybe go once to the therapist too if he can do so. Not sure if they will let anyone else in the therapist's office other than the patient except perhaps for a consultation.

    Glad most of the time you don't have any problems other than the medical problems and seeing the docs.

    So glad to hear from you. Hope to see you soon again on the boards. TTY soon again,

    Luv you,