Hi Elaine-more sleep questions !!

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    Elaine -

    I know you talke a bunch of stuff for your nighty night pills.. You take a bunch of things besides the FS. I am doing fair I guess on the one pill and tried two a couple of times. Not sure if that has to buid up in your system or not. Have not been taking it every day.

    Do you take any other supplements to help you besides the FS for sleep? Ia also have this spray natural stuff that I have just taken onece or twice . Not sure whether to take with the other stuff or by itself. It is such a slow process. I no longer take the klonopin and have been taking 1/2 flexeril.

    Any ideas or suggestions? I usually still get up 1-2x and occ 3x a night to go potty.

    More later on.


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    Hopefully, I can help,

    Are you still staying away from food 2 hours BEFORE you take your sleep meds / supplements & then waiting about 1 and ½ hours to have a snack??

    That really is important & that ALONE fixed my Older Brother’s sleep and his wife’s to as she has terrible Sleep Apnea.

    Maybe FS isn’t for you. You can always send it back if you find something else works & perhaps the FS just does not have the ingredients YOU respond to.

    I’ll suggest to you, what I did for my Older Brother.

    == Valerian ----- 1 pill at 450 mg
    == Melatonin ----- 2 pills at 5 mg a piece. So, you are taking a total of 10 mgs.

    Start with the ABOVE first & see how that goes.

    I also take:

    == ZMA ------ 1 pill
    == GABA ----- 1 pill

    My Older Brother reported with the change in his eating times & snacking times ---- in just 2 day he started to see some results.

    After 4 days, he said ---- “Best sleep I have ever gotten in my WHOLE LIFE. It feels so WONDERFUL!

    Chat w/ ya tomorrow.

    HUGS & Love,
    == Elaine
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  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot Elaine. I will try this and see what happens. I do not have any valerian or other stuff that you have been taking right now. I may just work with what I have now and maybe even try the melatonin with the FS. I have two dosages of the melatonin that I was trying in the medicine cabinet so may try them soon. I will check on the valerian root..

    I do try not to eat a couple of hours before bed but I must say that I do cheat sometimes. I will try and do better with that. We usually eat about 6 or before but occasionally, like today we ate later since we went out late due to workmen being here to do some structural work.

    I appreciate you taking the time to send me your special sleep recipe.. I do hope that something will help. I don't think that I should have to get up 2-3 x a night to go pee (-: ! When I took the klonopin and flexeril (the full pills) I slept through but I am trying not to use them. I am taking the 1/2 pill of flexeril so maybe that will help also. If not I will eliminate that too. I have arthritis in my neck as well as FM and CMPS which does not help me either in trying to sleep.

    Bye for now. Try and check in with you tomorrow or real soon.



  4. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Elaine,

    Again thanks for the info. I would have gone out to Wally World today to get the Melatonin and Valarian but I have to stay home because of contractors working or walls and ceilng cracks. Things are also all over the place but they seem to be pretty picked and cleaned up when they finish a project. Professional guys. They shoudl be for the price - ugh !!

    I thought I had the melatonin already in the correct strength . However I was mistaken and only have the 300 mcg. bottle. I think that WM also has the valerian. I hope I am not mistaken. I know the melatonin are pretty cheap usuall. I also get some of my other stuff for cholesterol, grapesseed ext. and all on-line from a good place - buyone get one free or buy 2 get 3 free. If I cannot get them at WM I will order them elsewhere.

    Yes, I do know that the reason I am not sleeping through is that I removed most of my "sleep" prescriptions, even if separately they are not actual sleep meds.

    Hope tyou do not have any fires at your house and have to get thrown out, doggie and all.

    I will have to wait to get to the store before I can try your recipe. Where did you come about with it? Is that through all your experimenting that you came up with the supps you gave your brother ?

    Thanks again and I wil let you know how things go whe I am able to buy them. I know that I had tried melatonin by itself but I do not know the dosage I stopped at and I did not try valerian. Not sure I went to 10 mg but might have taken only 5 mg. So, hopefully it will work for me.

    Bye for now.



    Whoops - PS.- I forgot to ask you. If I decide not to get any more FS do I need to call them or can I do it on-line? I am on autoship right now?[This Message was Edited on 05/13/2009]
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am answering at least to tell you that I saw your post message as you can see (finally). Notice that I have also sent you another question about the valerian root on another thread. Drop me another line when you can about when to take it.

    Glad to see you really got that Porch party in gear :). You always seem to think of everything.

    Talk to you soon and have a great weekend.



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