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    I haven't been on these boards for months, and started reading our correspondence from October. I am really interested in knowing how it is going with your sister and the the boyfriend from Hell...
    I seem to have an elevated temp, heartrate, nightsweats, etc. What are we; twins? Same kind of family and physical nightmares to live thru. "With Christ we can do everything." Have a blessed day! Cindy
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    We MUST be twins!!!!

    Thanks for the great surprise message!

    Well, my sister and her boyfriend from below are the same. No apologies and no real contact - as you know it really hurt me and the hurt has lasted.

    My physical issues are pretty bad right now - I know you know - I have an elevated heart rate of over 100 bpm and as high as 152 bpm = AWEFUL and scary. This on top of a fever for 11 mos.

    Anyway, the emotional stuff is sooo trying and it doesn't help a bit to heal physically. I sometimes wish I wasn't so sensitive.

    How are you? What do you think these strange symptoms are from? Do you have thyroid issues. I never thought I did but I have had some abnormal tests - so maybe.

    How are your family issues? It was your brother making trouble with your kind hubby? Right? Any changes? I hope so for your sake - that is aweful for you and your hubby. If we can figure this all out - Maybe we can help each other...

    You're a doll for posting this message - it's so great to hear from you!

    "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" This is one of my favs!

    God Bless You Cindy!


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