hi everybody... went to doc yesterday and....

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  1. saphire27

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    A just got another B12 shot, which i only get everyother month! Seems to do nothing for me, what does is do for you, no energy here! My old doc had me getting my own shots at home, and more often. I still have everything, and it's still in date with refills!! hmmm, but it doesn't say how much, and i forgot, it says "as directed", i wish i could remember i'd take my own shots at home again and not pay the clinic to do it.

    And we did it the same way, in my upper shoulder.

    anyone else dr have them do it like this too? how much of the med?

    Also she upped my celexa, 20 mgs, stopped working for me a few weeks ago, now i'm up to 40mgs.

    Still not sleeping good, waking all the time

    still sleepy all day, or just no energy.
    well if anyone has any knowledge of this stuff, let me know

    lots of luv
  2. Hope4Sofia

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    I just got my first b12 shot. I haven't noticed any help either. Actually, I've been pretty low and in a lot of pain. (not that the shot gave me pain - just no help).

    Wish I could tell you more.

  3. Pianowoman

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    I give myself the shots and I give 1cc which is generally equivalent to 1000mcg. You would have to see what it says on your bottle.

  4. Jeanette62

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    I give myself B12 shots 2X week as part of my doctor's protocol while on antibiotics for treating chlamydia pneumoniae. It's 3cc of 1,000 MCG/ML. It does help keep up my energy level because I have noticed it when I've forgotten and am a few days late then I get really exhausted again.