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Discussion in 'Homebound/Bedbound' started by gb66, Jan 22, 2015.

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    I just wanted to check in and let you know I'm still here! I've been having some more problems and haven't been on for a few days. I finished my abx last week and it had made me sick. I had 3 ocular migraines in one week. They are not like regular migraines, more like seizures. They are usually triggered for me by anything with bright lights. The computer did it this time. I can't stay on more than about 5 minutes. The migraines leave me with bad headaches so I am going to rest my eyes for awhile.

    Then, in the midst of all this, I broke a tooth and had to have it filled on Tuesday. More bright lights! I'll be back as soon as I'm able to. I miss the board a lot. Hugs to all, GB
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    Oh, GB. I'm so sorry to hear about this. One chronic medical problem is more
    than enough, and so many of us have several.

    I never heard of ocular migraines before. Looked it up. I see it has other names
    including retinal migraine. I suppose Shakespeare would say say the problem is
    just as sour by any other name.

    Do this occur often? How long does the problem usually last? And is there
    anything you can do other than just rest and wait? Hope you feel much
    better soon.

  3. gb66

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    Rock, I know. I have at least 5 chronic problems. Keep adding more as time goes on. I hope this will reverse itself one day.

    I had the first ocular migraines in 2013, went to the ER thinking it was a stroke or tia's. They are very frightening and painful afterward. During, you see these zig zag images, sometimes bright colors, pass across your field of vision. It enlarges as it moves then slowly fades away.

    Afterwards it leaves you with headaches. During the attacks you feel nuimbness on one side of the head and neck, that's why it seemed like a stroke. They last 20 to 30 minutes and sometimes come in clusters, days or weeks apart.

    They are triggered in my case, by bright lights. Computer, tv, kindle, and once, changing a light bulb. It's always something. Later , GB
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    I'm so sorry to read of your ocular migraines! I've had them (a lot in the late 90's -- I had to have a CT scan). Nothing found, pain meds? (fiorinal) prescribed.

    Sad thing though, was that my migraines would occur while at the office. And I couldn't take a pill and then drive home.

    I feel for you! I still get them occasionally. They make me really dizzy, I get the whirling dots and the auras. The only thing I can do is keep quiet, close my eyes, and wait.

    Feel better soon!!!!

    Hugs, Diane
  5. rockgor

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    Hi GB, hope you're feeling better.
    Diane, do you have any theory about why the migraines became less frequent?

    Gordon played some video game the other day. He said the flashing lights gave
    him an incipient migraine. I remember a news story from what, 20 years ago?
    Anyway some little boy in Japan got seizures from a TV ad with flashing lights.

    When I took a class in abnormal psychology I read that the sun flashing through
    gaps in a fence could trigger a seizure. Didn't seem very likely to me. After all,
    people don't walk that fast. But then it happened to me about three decades later.
    The fence was wrought iron, and the sun shinning through the gaps flashed like
    a strobe. I was amazed. Didn't cause me any problems though, but I wondered
    about other people who passed by.

  6. Alyssa-Admin

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    Hi there, I am new here! Sorry to read about your ocular migraines....I (luckily) have never had one, but blinding 'regular' ones. For me, luckily enough the medication Maxalt Melts does wonders for me...usually. I know several people who have never had a headache...their whole lives! Lucky them! I hope you are dong better today. Sunglasses are my best friend. (now where did I leave them again??? :)
  7. Alyssa-Admin

    Alyssa-Admin Active Member

    Have you ever tried Maxalt Melts by chance? For me it is one of three things, the weather (it is always raining here...and windy - so very low barometric pressure). My period (which has been playing hide and seek for the past year) or a cold/flu. The weather gets me everytime! I am a big believer in the Universe...so we have our dream board downstairs, and it is 5 feet long....we are currently looking for our dream home/dream country. Came back from Holland and went 'why am I here?' But their weather isn't great either. Heat and humidity or damp and wet....try to find a nice cheap little villa over the sea that is just perfect, for around $5k :) with pina coladas on tap, but of course. Sunnies were found. A miracle...as I have misplaced a number of things of importance this week (and last, and the week before...we are still looking for the garlic press and the ice pack I somehow lost 5 months ago...!)

    Thank you for the lovely welcome BTW. My Avatar is Kappy Cat, one of the stars in our book about invisible illness and having a young family.

  8. rockgor

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    Hi Alyssa

    Welcome to the board. Kappy looks like a sweet kitty. We have a poster
    here from Holland. Her user name is Soul. Sometimes she posts
    pictures of her art projects.

  9. Alyssa-Admin

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    Kappachino Inyanga is his 'pedigree name' (ahem). He is a Tiffanie - a cross between a chinchilla and a Burmese. He has been the best blessing to come into our home. He is a real love sponge...and he's my shadow. And he lies upside down in our arms like a baby, and even gets tucked in sometimes (with the two paws over the covers on his back). We have never had such a clever, adorable, character of a loving cat. I can tell you, straight out...if it wasn't for him, or for the group of friends I made on Facebook, I am not sure I would be here right now. But I am! :)
  10. gb66

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    Hi to Rock, Diane and Alyssa,

    It's good to be back and reading everyones posts again. I don't stay on too long as yet, but want to answer everyone. The ocular migraines have stopped for now, hopefully forever, and the headaches have subsised.

    I haven't been back to the doctor but still think that the uti is cured. Hope so. The trip to the dentist wasn't so bad, it was just at a bad time. I am still very weak from so much happening at once.

    Alyssa, welcome the ProHealth Board. It's nice to meet you. I have done some research on my ancestors recently and found that several branches started out in England, then to Scotland, then Ireland and finally the USA. I'd love to have been able to vistit all of the countries of my origin! GB
  11. Alyssa-Admin

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    Hello thee! There is a huge contigency of Scots who moved to Canada and the States, particularly, Canada. (Nova Scotia - New Scotia/Scotland). When we moved here there was an airline that just did flights to Canada and Scotland. (They went under with several others at the time...bye bye cheap air fair!)
  12. rockgor

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    Hi GB and Alyssa. Diane too. Looks another big storm is headed to your
    neck of the woods, Diane.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, GB. I like the idea of visiting the countries
    your ancestors came from. I never made a bucket list, but I had the same thought.
    I'd have to travel to all 4 parts of the United Kingdom plus Norway, Germany and

    Alyssa, I never realized that Nova Scotia was New Scotland. Perfectly obvious now,
    of course. Donizetti, one of Italy's most popular opera composers in the 19th century
    wrote an opera called “Maria Stuarda”. It was performed at the Met for the first time
    just two years ago. And a more obscure composer wrote "Maria Stuarda, Regina
    di Scozia".

    Do you have any videos of your cat, Alyssa? Maybe you can make some with your
    phone. Gordon just got a smart phone. We inadvertently made a 10 second video
    the other day when we were taking a picture of one of his orchids.

  13. Alyssa-Admin

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    Happy Tuesday everyone! I was having issues with my password, so needed to wait til yesterday to get it all sorted out by Holly at ProHealth. Rock, I do have a few videos of Kappy playing fetch with his toy mouse and bringing it back to me (he is part dog). But apparently it is too big to send as an email file...and considering for some reason my photos on my phone are too large for here...hmmm....Just trying a picture that was on my computer as an uploaded file...still learning! :) Hope you all have a good, pain free day. The orchid btw is gorgeous...there is a place around an hour away from us called Scone Palace - the bottom part of the palace is for touring, but the family still lives there...and OMG! The orchids that are in their home...(well, palace). Apparently the Earl is very well known for his orchids! Ps. I just tried to upload a picture. 'Error' File too big...