Hi Everyone and Glad to be back. Have a few ?s abut new meds

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  1. mariac2000

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    I missed being on this board and I am glad I am back. I will never disparage the board again and I will ignore the things I find negative.
    In any case. I banged my head on Sun and got a concussion. The brain is OK but I have something called Post Concussion Syndrom which can last from days to weeks. It mat be made worse by the fibro. My biggest probs at this point are nausea and severe dizziness. I have been put on some new meds and would appreciate any input from anyone who has had experience with these. I have been given Soma for a muscle relaxant, Tylox or Darvocet for pain, and Ambien to help me sleep. I know not to take the 2 pain meds in conjunction. Have any of you had any experience, good or bad with these meds?

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    Hi Maria
    I'm new to this board and I hope you get this message.
    I also take 10 mg of AMBIEN to sleep at night along with Celexa and Trazodone. That seems to work really great for me to get some good deep sleep and I don't wake up all groggy.
    i hope you have some good luck with your meds. Haven't heard about the other two, darvocet yes but not the Soma. I hope it does help you
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    You might even get some added benefits with it. My new doc as of last year didnt like it and made me stop using it. I feel the difference trust me. That was just his own personal opinion. He is not a doctor who likes to dispense any drugs.....but he is the only choice I have with insurance at this point. Do a med search on "drug information and interaction site" Just type it in a search engine and it will give you the info about drugs and then you can list everything you take and they will list any problems. It is a good site. I hope you feel better. With the DD the last thing we need is more pain...I am so sorry. Do rest and get better......kathleen
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    I am so glad you decided to return to the board Maria. You have been missed. I am sorry to hear about your head. I have had Darvocet for a very long time. I don't use it much but it helps me when I do. I have lately been in a horrible flare and use this with my flexeral to sleep. It works pretty well. Until it wears off.
    Good to know your back and hope you get to feeling better.
    Take care,
  5. Mikie

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    So many of us have had head injuries and researchers are looking at the possible connection, so take good care of yourself. I hope you are feeling better.

    Love, Mikie
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    I appreciate the help, and am glad to be back too!!!
  7. Shirl

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    I am so sorry about your head injury, but can't help with the meds, I only take Xanax and supplements.

    I did hit my head when I was a teenager (HA! talk about a looooog time ago!),ironically I hit my head going over a steep small bridge, driving too 'fast' on the roof of the car, and the car was airborn, when it hit the ground, it hit HARD, so did my head, I did have a mild concussion.

    All they told me was to stay in bed, use an ice pack for the horrific headache, let crushed ice melt in my mouth for the nausea, bedrest for the dizziness, and not to drink any alcohol. But I am sure they have gotten smarter with concussions since then, well, lets hope so.

    Hope you get better soon, and again its great to see you back on the board!

    Shalom, Shirl

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    My neurologist recommended an NSAID, but luckily, I refused