hi everyone has anyone been tested positve for lyme? and

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    has cfs,both? i am confused. i recently was tested positive for lyme. but what is the difference? are the symptoms different? i seem to have them ALL.lol sighs. For the first 4 years of being ill, i self diagnosed myself w/cfs.
    Does cfs cause lyme? or vice versa? its so confusing now on what therapy to try and where to go. i def know i need to find a good doc. That is the HARD PART! All these years of healthy eating, a couple healing ctrs, tons of supps has done NOTHING. I just eat what i want now, including sugar. i dont feel any difference... still super crappy MOST of the time and this has been my worst year, since June, sick sick sick. My symptoms seem to get worse over the years.
    Does Anyone Else feel that they have gotten worse? i dont suffer the pain of fibro, but just EVERYTHING Else! *sighs*
    thank you for reading this and any input in greatly appreciated
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    Yummy food will kill you! Did you try giving up wheat and dairy? The supplements weren't helping me until I cleaned up diet first. Have you tried juicing? Have you eaten tons of vegetables? I'm in vegetable hell, I eat them all the time but don't like them. I have to. Look up "liver friendly" diets. See liverdoctor.com for good tips. See if you have liver issue symptoms.

    I don't have lyme, but I had hep c. If I don't do everything just right for my liver, it makes my life unbearable. People with infections may have done damage to protein synthesis in the body and that means the liver will be affected. Don't assume your liver is working just because your doctor says it is. My "liver specialist" said mine was fine and it took me a couple or years to figure out it wasn't.

    I've had bloodwork done 20 times. My liver enzymes were always normal, but even people with cirrhosis can have normal liver enzymes. You can tell by symptoms. If I eat more than a tiny bit of saturated fat, I'm screwed up for days. My diet is totally boring, veggies, rice and beans, some fruit, miniscule amounts of chicken and green veggie juices (oh boy, can't wait to gag on them in the morning!) I was getting worse until I completely modified diet and took all my supplements at the same time instead of trying them one by one. Liver needs to be looked at, by you and not a doctor!

    good luck!

    happy xmas

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    There's lots of info here about Lyme... just type it into the search box up above. Also, if you click on 'message boards' up above, there's also a Lyme Message Board here... also click on 'library' up above and do a search on articles relating to Lyme. Many here have found that they do have Lyme and/or other 'stealth pathogens'.

    Lyme is the great masquerader, as are other stealth pathogens; tests are just not very reliable for them as they can hide out in the body's cells, even the white blood cells, to avoid detection. There are also several places on the net that are non-profit that give good info and links, such as ilads.org and anapsid.org

    Everyone agrees you need to do everything you can to strengthen your immune system as it can only help you to do so... altho supplements and diet alone will not be the answer for this as Lyme is a type of bacteria (spirochete).

    I really hope you have found a good LLMD (Lyme-literate MD) to work with you, it is tricky. General rule is that the longer you have it, the longer it takes to get into remission... and that one usually will have co-infections that will also need to be treated.

    Just remember the tests' accuracy for all these stealth pathogens are not very good to start with, so it often means doing trials of abx to see how you respond.

    Hope that helps... it will really pay foryou to read everything you can get your hands on to educate yourself, despite brain fog...

    all the best,

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    diagnosed w/ cfs in sept. Igenex positive for lyme in Oct. Sick for 2+ years & waiting for coinfections test results.
    I believe lyme creates cfs etc...