Hi everyone! Hugs to you and update on son--prayers still needed

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by sweetpeas, Jan 2, 2005.

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    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the beginning of a rewarding new year! Whenever I think of the "gang" here, I pray for all of you. Of course, we need to uphold the tsunami victims in our prayers.

    After speaking directly with my son's neurologist, I was told that he definitely has epilepsy which was NOT precipitated by his addiction problems (i.e., the "substances" did not cause the seizures as they truly have an organic origin). Of course, addiction certainly can exaserbate a seizure disorder. His battle with substances seems worse than ever. I'm currently trying to force his hand, so to speak, in getting some intensive care. For those of you who've been down the path I'm traveling, you know the "crazy-making" that goes along with it. I'm at my wits' end!!!! I think that's where God comes in, huh? Please pray for my son to really WANT help and healing.

    Fibro and migraines seem to have improved. I have been taking a low dose of Neurontin and magnesium supplements for what it's worth.

    I'm trying again to read and study my Bible daily; however, isn't it amazing what the Enemy tries to do when we try to do the right thing?!! I have to remind myself of "greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world." Also, what was it that Corrie ten Boom said....."you'll never know how much you you have until Jesus is all you've got" or something to that effect. (<--Somebody help me out here. I think maybe I'll start a thread on inspirational Christians in the last century. What d'ya think? Corrie is one of my all-time favorites.)

    My prayers go with you folks as I hope yours do with my son and me. Blessings and hugs to you guys!

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    Sending prayers up for your son. I have a sister that has epilepsy, I know this must be a hard think to hear. But maybe its a blessings in disguise. He won`t be able to continue to abuse taking the epilepsy medications. I hope this is the case.

    My sister has had it since she was 2. She got it after being very sick and almost dying of a very high fever and convulsions. She has the grand mal type. Was that your son`s first seizure?

    Keep us updated on how he is doing ok. Don`t forget to take care of yourself through all this.

  3. dash

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    Dear Lord,

    I pray tonight for Sweetpeas. I ask for your abundant grace to be poured out over her and that you saturate her with your love and compassion. Give her the strength and courage she needs to deal with her son. Lead her by the Holy Spirit to make the right decisions. Bless her Bible studying time, protect her from distactions and giver her even deeper understanding of the Scripture. Please convict her son of his deep need to surrender his life to You and seek treatment.

    In Jesus'name I pray,