hi everyone I am new here :) I'm confused about lyme disease

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    I was wondering; I have heard that alot of people that were diagnosed with cfs/fm actually in fact have lyme disease. I have heard of many cases where the mother and daughter both have been diagnosed with cfs/fm. So my question is could they BOTH have Lyme Disease? I don't understand that... so could it be contagious, or coincidently they were both bitten. That is the only way to get it right? to be attacked by a tick? hope someone can clarify this for me.
    thanks so much
  2. victoria

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    it is strongly suspected that it shows up in families because of several possible reasons, possibly more than one:

    -ticks in one area are probably more likely to carry it and the family are all exposed;

    -it could've been passed prenatally;

    -it could've been passed by another vector other than a tick, such as a mosquito;

    -or it could possibly be transmitted sexually,

    -or even just thru saliva by sharing food.

    These possibilities remain unproven so far as I know, but they are strongly suspected since it does seem Lyme shows up in clusters in families.

    hope that helps,

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    hi victoria; yes, that sure did help alot....was confused about that cuz my mom has some of the same symptoms even though shes in denial about her illness, but iam evidently worse than her.
    thanks again