Hi everyone; i just got the igenex kit; what is PCR?

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  1. suexi

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    Hi, i just got the kit and igenex recommends the Igg and Igm, Lyme PCR to be taken. but i have heard that the PCR is a waste of $$$. So my question is; should i just do the western blot IgG and IgM? that would be nice; it will save me about $150.00. :) If someone could let me know i would appreciate it.
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    With a doc that knew very little about lyme. The Igg and Igm came back positive the PCR was negative.

    I took the results to a very respected LLMD out of state and he said he thinks the PCR is just a way for Igenex to make more money.

    He said he only relies on the Western Blot.

    So save your money!

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    i really need my money.....thanks for that