Hi Everyone.....I'm Back from Vacation & Missed You All!!!!

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    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Have missed all of you while I was gone and hope all of you had a good week.
    I know some of you ask for Full Details of our Trip to Pigon Forge Tn. when we got back SO HERE GOES....Long Read but hope you will enjoy...

    We got back in about mid-day today. Me and Hubby both really enjoyed ourselves in Pigone Forge Tn. I had a fairly good trip other then some leg and feet pain and swelling from much walking and riding. But overall it was really nice.

    We left out early for Pigon Forge Tn. Sunday Morning and arrived around 10:30/11 am. We first rode through the town looking around at everything. Then we stopped at the Olive Garden and had lunch. By this time our room was ready, so we checked in to our Hotel which turned out to be a really nice place.

    The Apple Valley....It had a nice King size bed with a big whirlpool beside the bed, a fireplace in the middle of the room, a living room area with sofa, coffee table and end tables, a little area with a small fridge and mirowave, a large bathroom with a walk in shower that had a seat built into the shower(woohoo), and a small personal patio as you walk out french doors. (I have pictures to share:)

    The Apple Valley also had a outdoor/indoor pool and hot tub. They served a really nice breakfeat each morning. They always had biscuit/gravy,cerals,donuts,yogurt,fruit,toast,coffee and juices. Which I didn't eat there breakfeat but once while I was there...im not much of a morning person, but hubby enjoyed it each morning as I was getting myself together to go out for the day.

    It was a really nice Hotel and very friendly people, I would recommend it to anyone planning on going to Pigon Forge Tn. We have been to Pigon Forge many times but love it so much there we continue to go back when we can. I have to say this Hotel was one of the nicest places we have stayed other then a Cabin in Pigon Forge.

    Well after we had gotten checked in Sunday and had gotten our bags unpacked etc... We took us a little nap/rest in that big king size bed(we have a queen at home) after our long ride. After getting up from a much needed rest we decided to go on out..

    *SUNDAY night we went to "Country Tonight". It was a really great show! Alot of dancing and singing, the latest country hits. All the singers and dancers did such a good job and all there costumes were so beautiful. The show lasted about 2 hours if I remember right. They had a 15 minute intermission inbetween the 2 hours.

    After Country tonight we headed back to the Hotel and I truly enjoyed laying back in the whirlpool for awhile then off to bed.

    *MONDAY morning we get up and hubby hits the breakfeast there at the Hotel as im getting ready with my slow-self..LOL Then we were off to DOLLYWOOD for the day. We were at Dollywood from 11am to 6pm. We walked around looking in all the shops. We went to several shows there in Dollywood 2 being some great Bluegrass & Bluegrass gospel music and singing, oldies 50 & 60's music as well. We also watched the Bald-Eagle show. It was really great and really touched my heart, how Dolly is trying to save our Bald-Eagles. They had real life Bald Eagles that we were able to come in touching distance of.

    We also went through Dollys musem which had many of her Gold Records, Awards, pictures with other famous people, Tons of her dresses she has worn over the years, her coat of many colors she had as a child, sheets of paper where she had first written a song, to many things to list...

    I really enjoyed Dollywood but at the same time it was very hard on my legs and feet...If anyone has alot of trouble with there legs and feet swelling etc..And you go to Dollywood be sure to rent the electric wheelchairs they have avaiable.

    Well after leaving Dollywood we went on to the Alabama Grill for supper..Yummmm it was great. Plus they have alot to see at the Alabama Grill...they have tons of gold records, pictures, even clothes on the walls and in glass cases of about every country artist you can think of. I am a huge Fan of Alabama anyway...they have there tour bus that they used back in the 80's out in front of the resturant that they allow you to go through. I can imagine what there Bus would look like now because the one they toured in...in the 80's is beautiful.

    So after eating at the Alabama Grill we had just enough time to catch another show which was at "Memories Theater" They have impresenators(sp)who actually do sing themselves...No lip singing.

    They had Patsy Cline, Tim Mcgraw, The Blues Brothers and Elvis. I enjoyed this show the most out of every show we saw. These people even look like the real deal and sound like it too. Elvis did the whole second half of the show and woooohooo he was something I tell you!!! His name is Lou Vuto playing as Elvis. We were able to get front seats and I even got up at the end you know when Elvis would wrap a scarf around some of the ladys at the stage and give them a kiss on the cheek...woohooo well I went up and got me a scarf and a kiss... made my heart skip a beat LOL(even though it wasent really Elvis still made me dizzy heehee)

    After the show I had him sign my scarf. Also Charlie Hodge was on stage with Elvis(Lou). The Charlie Hodge that was always by Elvis Presleys side in all his concerts and shows when Elvis was alive. Charlie Hodge has a book out called "Me'm Elvis" which I bought and had Charlie to sign as well. Charlie is in his early/mid seventies now. I would love to just sit down with that man and just listen to all the storys about Elvis. I can't wait to read his book. When Elvis died I was only 4 or 5 years old, but I think if I would have been in my teens when Elvis was alive I think I would have been a groupie..lol

    Well by the time this show was over it was around 11pm so we headed back to the room and boy was I exhausted...

    *TUESDAY we slept in a little late this morning. But when we had gotten on up we decided to ride on in to Gatlinburg for a few hours which is only about 6 or 7 miles from Pigon Forge Tn. We rode up to the top of "Ober" Gatlinburg Mountain where there was a beautiful view and they had all sorts of little things to do on top of this mountain. We were able to watch the live Black Bears and they even had a ice skating ring...Nope I didnt try that one LOL

    So after this we rode on back to Pigon Forge and we went to the five 0'clock show at the "Fiddlers Feast" this was a show and dinner included. It was really nice it was all Bluegrass and Bluegrass Gospel and they mixed a little comedy in there as well. The dinner was really great too. You were served steak and chiken,baked beans,cole slaw, biscuit,blackberry cobbler or apple, and all you can drink tea,lemonade and coffee. More then one person can eat I tell ya...But it was really great!

    After the Fiddlers feast we went on over to the Winery and tasted different wines with chesse. I'm not a drinker or even much of a wine drinker..Maybe a glass twice a year LOL but it was fun and interesting.

    Well by this time I was wiped out again...so we headed on back to the room and I enjoyed another lay back in the whirlpool and off to bed.

    *WEDNESDAY we slept in a little late. Then we went out and hit the streets of Pigon Forge going through the shops. Later on going to Louise Mandrell....This year is her last year and she will be closing her theater. We have been to see her before but thought we would catch her again since this will be here last year. She really seems to be such a sweet person and has a really great show.

    So after this we new we would be getting up early the next morning to head on home so we went back to the room and yep I had to hit the Whirpool one more time...Then we were headed home early this morning sniff sniff. We got home around mid-day and I first layed down for a little. I still havent even begun to unpack everything yet...Even though I so enjoyed myself its like FEW...ok im tired and everything else...

    But I couldnt wait to come to the board and share my vacation with you all and I missed you all so much!! Wished I could have taken you all with me!!

    The first picture im putting in the profile is of Lou (Elvis) I have pictures of our room, dollywood all the shows etc...Ill try to change them every so often to share with you all.

    I had fun but its good to be home and to be back here with you all...Thank you all for your prayers for us to have a safe,fun and pain free vacation.

    Luvs you Gals & Guys

    P.S. I have been Praying for all those that were in the path of Katrina. It is so sad and breaks my heart at the lifes lost, homes lost, and what all those are going through and are still going through. While we were in Pigon Forge Tn. and anytime we were in the room we were glued to the TV and Praying for all. A family came into Pigon Forge Tn. while we were there, they had to leave there home and the "COMDEY BARN" there in pigon forge put this family up in a cabin and also the "COMEDY BARN" donated $10,000.00 to the Red Cross for help and relief of Katrina.

  2. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Welcome home !! I'm glad you had such a fabulous
    vacation. It sounds like you were almost fibro free the
    whole time. That's great!! I'll bet that hotel room is
    really beautiful in the fall when all the leaves are
    changing .... and cold enough to enjoy the fireplace.

    Glad you are home safe and sound.

    Take care,

  3. Francey54

    Francey54 New Member

    Hi Bluerose:

    Good to have you back. You sure sound like you had a great vacation. I am happy that you could get away for awhile.


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Elsa...Thanks for the welcome home!! Yes I must say so myself the room and Hotel was a really nice place I'll put pictures up of it next. I did pretty good with the fibro...I had a hard time with my legs and feet the most, but I really pushed myself and I hope not to much. I really wanted Hubby to enjoy as well...he deserved a good vacation too.~Hugs~

    Naturebaby....Thanks!!! Yea I must say also we did pack right much in. I hope you will get to go to Tn soon, you would love it...There is so much to do and see. We have been many times and we still have not been to all the shows and places we want yet. Plus they continue to build more each year. Thank you the trip really did lift my spirts and it was good to get away if only for a little while. I will surly be reliving some memories..especially Memories Theather..Heehee You have to go to that show when you do go!!~Hugs~

    butzie41..... Thank You...Oh I hope you can get your hubby to take you on a trip...we all need one to get away once in awhile. Tn would be a wonderful place to go...you would love it im sure of it. ~Hugs~

    Francey54...Thanks Francey...Im glad to be back and missed you all so much!! ~Hugs~

    Have Elvis(Lou) up now!
    Will put pictures of the room Up next...have so many pictures will have to put up so many at a time.


  5. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Wow you really had some kind of great vacation. I wouldn't have made it, hon. I so happy you and hubby enjoyed yourself and got to go and see the shows and everything.

    So happy you are back, safe and sound. Get your rest and thank you so much for your diary of your vacation. I really enjoyed reading it. :)

    Big hugs,
    Will check out the profile photos as you put them up.

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I got on board late today. Feeling right tired and fatigued today.


    Pictures of the indoor pool, hot tub and outdoor pool at the hotel we stayed in...My hubby standing in front of the outdoor pool.

    I'll put up new ones tomorrow of some of the shows we went to etc..

    Hugs & Thank You all for your warm welcome home.

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I'm so happy I brought back some memories for you...How long ago was it when you all were in Gatlinburg??

    I have pictures of the Black Bears as well...I took tons of pictures...I'll change them each day to share with you all. We didnt do the gondola ride that day, it was right windy ontop of the mountain and I was like ughh nah..maybe next time, plus the older I have gotten the more scared of heights I have become.

    I will check out Branson, MO on the net here in awhile.

    Yep thats my husband he was up and out before my lids were open good..Plus early morning is the worse for me...I have the hardest time getting started...

    **I will Put the Elvis Pictures Back up Just for you right now :)
    When you do go to Pigon Forge Please be sure to go to the Memories Theater...You will love it I promise its well worth the $25.00, we had coupons and got in for $22.00. That show lasted 3 hours with a 15 minute intermission.

    Thanks for the welcome home!!

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I feel the same about Elvis girl...O me how I would have loved to have seen Elvis when he was alive.

    Your right there will never be another true Elvis!! But I enjoyed watching Lou Vuto as Elvis at the Memories Theater...he really does a good job and theres no lip singing.

    Also Eddie Miles does a good Elvis he is there in Pigon Forge Tonight thru Monday Performing...I wished I could have seen him as well before we left. Eddie travels all over performing. But Lou is always at the Memories Theater..so you have to see him when you go!!!

    Punch it up on the net Lou Vuto and Eddie Miles.


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Pictures of the Bald Eagle Show at Dollywood!!!

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I will continue to change them everyday for awhile for you all to see!

    Thanks again for the warm welcome home

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Some of these pictures didnt take as well as I was hoping...some to do with the lighting changes and some to do with needing to buy a new camera..LOL

    Changing Profile Pictures everyday for awhile from our Vacation..hope you all will enjoy!

  12. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I am happy you had such a great time..I do have one question, with your fibro, depression, anxiety and other health problems how were you able to go and do all this..Sounds almost to good to be true. I am envious no not really just need some info on how you managed..

    I haven't been able to go out of town in about two years not been able to go on a vacation in 4...

    Have been to Pegion Forge and Gatlinburg there sure is a lot to do and going on..

    How are you feeling now, rest and take care and let me know your secret so I can get out of town...with this agoraphopia ...

    Hugs, greatgran

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    How I managed on Vacation:

    Well first off I have to say through alot of prayer!! We..me and my husband had not been on a real vacation for 2 years which was because of me, my health and really not having the money to go beacuse of me not being able to work.

    Things that helped me was taking my full dosage of medication daily for pain and anxiety!! Also as far as being on the interstate..which scares me...I tryed to make myself as comfortable as possible...I have a full body massger which plugs into the cig. ligter...I took a fluffy pillow and made myself as comfortable and relaxed as I could while travling. We went to alot of the shows there which I enjoyed the most and I was able to at least sit for the most part...

    The one place that really got to me was dollywood...alot of walking...but hubby helped me along and we took lots of breaks! I had the most trouble with my legs,feet and back...but I was determined to hang in there for 4 nights.

    I needed and deserved this long awaited vacation but my husband deserved it just as much and I wanted him to enjoy himself...He has helped and done so much for me especially in this last year.

    I have the hardest time in the mornings....so I just took my time each morning getting ready...Most of the shows were in the evenings which helped....

    Now that im home...Im like ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh....I have definately been feeling the trip I took...I'm one of those who definately pay for having a little fun....but I would attempt it again just to know my husband enjoyed himself....

    I hope you will soon be able to take you a vacation greatgran...You deserve one!! It just takes alot of planning out and trying to make yourself as comfortable as possible. I'm going to be waiting to hear about your wonderful Vacation....You can do it!!!


    P.S. As for the depression...to be honest once we got to our destination...I felt better...It felt good to be away from home and the everyday worry here....I think if you can it would help just to get away from your everyday surroundings!!

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  14. hdbubblehead

    hdbubblehead New Member

    I liked your post script...very generous!!! wow!
    i will read your letter the next time i stay up.
    i am trying to get some sleep since sunday at noonish.
    i have taken 20 mg ambien, vicoden for the breakthrough pain, 10mg Methadone for severe pain, and a 10mg valium.
    celexa 20mg last night.
    after all that, i am back here on the board, after lying on my bed for one hour.
    i try so hard..........dd. and my neck is in agony
    if i had the strength i'd go to ER and get a shot of demerol too.
    if they check my blood, yikes. so no can do
    i should re name myself......"sleepy-awake" lol.

    anyways welcome home, safe.
  15. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thanks Bluerose, you have given me hope that I might be able to get out of town if only for a weekend..I do believe in Prayer
    The agoraphobia is one thing that is holding me back..

    I do think once you get away your depression does lift maybe because your mind is on other things..

    I have a grandson in Lynchburg going to the university and that is one trip I am going to try...He went alone and so far no one has been to see him and it breaks my heart..His dad is dead and his poor mom, my daughter has to work 2 jobs and hasn't been able to take off work...So going to set my goal to go visit him because he is doing this all on his own...

    Oh, do you mind telling me what meds you take..The only rx drug I take is xanax...

    Keep in touch, Phyl

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I am so glad I have given you hope...I promise through prayer and alot of planning...You can do it!!!

    Yes once you are away the Depression does seem to lift..if only for while your away...it's a big help and alot of relief. I think when you are away you are thinking of other things and being in a different enviroment really lifts your spirts....Just being away from my home which I have been couped up in for so long..was amazing!!

    O I know you muct be so proud of your grandson and you should be!! That would be a great start...getting away if only for the weekend to see your grandson. You wouldnt believe how good you would feel once you got there and was able to see him and hug him. That is a great goal to set and I know you can do it!!! Start planning now and tell yourself you are going....I will be waiting to hear all about it!!!!

    I dont mind telling you at all what meds I take:
    *Oxycotin 20mg for severe pain
    *Hydrocodone 10/500 for breakthrough pain
    *Xanax 1mg for Anxiety 3x day
    *Zanaflex 4mg - for muscle spasms(only take when its really bad)
    * Demadex - for fluid retention
    * Potassium - Prescribed potassium
    * B-12 shot - once a month
    * Topomax - have not been on this very long..working my way up still on the dosage for this one. Taken for Migraines and to help in making me feel up..instead of down all the time. After I am at the right dosage and I see there are know bad side effects Dr is going to try working in another antidepressent. I have tried so many that just dont work for me or have caused a lot of side effects...so will have to see there.
    * Multivitamins and certain extra vitamins like C,D and B's
    * Also now started taking a Probotic

    Gezzzzz I sound like a Pharmacy dont I..LOL Xanax is really good especially for Anxiety/Panic...I dont know what I would do with out it.

    Have you tired taking any Anitdepressents or Topomax???

    I'll check back later I have 2 DR's appt today...So I better start getting ready...it takes me awhile to get ready to go!!

    Hope your day will be good Greatgran!!

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Glad your enjoying the pictures!!!

    Will put some more up of Alabma Grill right now!!


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