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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a Medical Doctor specializing in Anesthesiology & Psychiatry and have a current diagnosis of CFS/CFIDS, ironically, after treating CFIDS patients since 2003.

    I'd be interested in hearing about others' symptoms, course of illness, how their diagnosis was made, and also, what treatments have shown efficacy in treating this illness and what results you have seen from treatment.


    Dr. Dan
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    Welcome to the board. I see you have already discovered that there
    are several boards at this one site. The rules are in the upper right hand

    I got CFS 34 years ago when I was 39. At first it was just less energy.
    But after 5 years I was disabled w/ little energy, a lot of depression, insomnia and brain fog. Had to give up practicing law and work part time as a paralegal.
    I retired at age 65. The last two years I was only working about 2 hours a day.

    I have never had an official diagnosis of CFS. I had a lot of treatment for
    depression including meds, therapy, hospitalization, and a 12 step program.
    The supplements vit. D3 and grapeseed extract recommend by fellow poster
    Jaminhealth have given me a little more energy. I also wear the vit. B12
    patch one day a week.

    For the last several years I have had 3 killer diseases (Alz., diabetes and
    prostate cancer). I 'spect eventually one of them will win the race. Don't
    get out much anymore. The board is my social life. Come visit the chit
    chat board if you want to discuss non medical topics like pets, music,
    kids, old times, recipes, and this, that and the other thing.