Hi Everyone Read Me How Can I Thank My Husband!!

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    Hello.First I'm not trying to brag about my husband. My husband will do anything for me. we have been married going on almost 29 years. I Love him so much and i worrie about him alot. This Illness has brought so much pain for me and more. My poor husband is the only one working and it is now a safe job. he works on a dangerous job. and works with many kinds of gas's that can blow up many many homes. he already twice he was lucky, there he almost got blown twice. he has to keep his mind on his job, and watch for other gas's that can hurt him and coworkers. I worry alot about him. ever since i have been sick. I can see he's tired. but keeps going. his legs hurt so much, and alot of headache's im sure it's the gas's he works with. and he has some migrane's also. but do you think he would tell he's Ill. he worry's alot being the only one working.that if something happens to him or they will be lay off's, he's get so worried about me and my med's and there no cheap. ins keeps going up. and i dont have to tell you everything is up. he hate's this Illness with a passion. and im sure he has some depression. but tell our husband to go to the doctors it's (NO), after a hard job, I feel bad, nobody tells him to do the lundry cooking cleaning. and helps me with going to the store. I never go alone by my self, without him. I do have sizure's and of course the drugs dont help i have memeory lost sometimes but it's not bad. ( he will not let anybody fuss over him) he put's up with me being sick and sometimes im in bed sick and i dont have no engery. he cooks and brings me my dinner. when im bad he helps me shower.he rubs me down where i hurt. but i know very well this Illness took a tool on him even though he wont say anything. yes i might say im spoil but thats love he has for me. when i try to clean and end up in pain in 15min to half an hour. and tell me to stop doing the work. he will get it when he get's home. he's the best husband in the world. and makes sure that no stress will come my way. thats just him. if there were some award out there he's it. he's loving careing sweet, we are proud with 4 grandkids all girls. my 2 grandkids are in washington, my son was in the navy. and my other 2 grandkids are here in colo. if im sick he tell's me go to the doctor and make's appt for me and take's time off of work to take me. and use his vaction time and personal time and sick time for me. I thank god for him. and i feel really bad when im down. he's say's it's not my fault im sick. we have our girls over for a slumber night during the week end. but first tell the parents if mom feels good. our anversary is dec 27th. if you would meet him he would give his coat and shoe's to you. he's pleasent to be with. I love him with all my heart.he's not the kind a person for anybody to make a fuss with him. even on his birthday. or christmas. so ladys would anybody can come up with something to show him a big thank you let me know. I do as much as i can. when i do plan something. like make a dinner it wont work because of the pain. so help me to make a big Thank you for him. like i said im not braging about him. I just got lucky thank god. 92457/ Paula I realy hope this makes since.