hi everyone! remember me?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by herblady, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. herblady

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    hi everyone. is there anyone around that remembers me? i thought i posted this the other day but i went 5 pages back and couldn't find it. i'm doing ok. i've only had two flares in the last year. i really think it's the olive leaf i take each day. my lung troubles have lessoned, too. i'm having a healing crisis right now though. i was off the olive leaf for a couple of weeks and when i started back a couple of days ago i got very sick and weak. oh well, it'll clear up. i'm proud to say that i finally have all 4 kids married off, lol. and i now have 5 grandchildren. and i'm not even 50 yet. and i just inherited 2 more when my son got married a little over a week ago, his wife has 2 children. maybe someone will write me, especially you mikie, i've written you several times and got no response. i don't use my yahoo address anymore. my current email address is theGreatEarthMother@hotmail.com. write me! cindi
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    I miss your advice. I responded to your last post. This board really zips right along and and you may have to go back quite a ways to find an old post. Try looking your post up by going to your profile page. It should be listed there under your most recent postings. There were quite a few responses.
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    I'm newer here and just wanted to say I'm glad to meet you! I read back on your previous posts, and know I will learn so much from you!

    Gentle hugs,

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    I'm sure there are a lot of us still around who remember you. Welcome back, five grandchildren---wow----start planning now for Christmas! Fondly, June
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    Welcome back!!! It has been a while! Sorry you hit a tough spot. But glad to hear from you again. What a whirlwind year huh? Congratulations on the grandchildren. Again welcome back ... you have been missed.

  6. ssMarilyn

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    Long time so see! And why did you stay away so long? Good to have you back lady!

    Marilyn :)
  7. Shirl

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    Our Herblady is back!!!! So good to hear from you, its been a longtime for sure.

    I do think you had better start that Christmas planning too with 5 grandchildren, wow and not 50 yet. You may be voted the youngest grandma of the year..........

    Mikie will be back soon, she was on vacation in Colorado, thats why she has not responded to you yet.

    You can write her at mikie-admin@prohealthinc.com if you want.

    Good to hear about the Olive Leaf, might give it a try. Did it help with the fatigue? Would appreciate your opinion, always trusted you with herbs for sure.........

    Hope we hear from you often, you have been missed!

    Shalom, Shirl

  8. Plantscaper

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    I was not around when you were here, before, but have been on the board, now, for about 8 months..I am a very big proponent of OLE with another poster here, Patpalmer..I am, also, very interested in herbal medicine and plants...

    I posted a note to you a while back, and that is when they told me you were not presently on the board..Would like to know if you recommend any particular book on herbs/vitamins/minerals, especially in regard to our DDs..

    Hope you are around more now..
  9. herblady

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    hi to all you that responded. to those who remember me and those who don't. i have missed this place a lot, the only thing that has kept me away is my group that i am the manager of, i started it myself. it's in the philosophy category, lol. seems like a strange place for me but my group works there. it usually stays in the no.1 spot. but it keeps me SO busy. plus i've been spending time learning more about graphics and i'm getting ready to start on html. i'm trying to prepare for my online herbal store i'm going to start when i get my master herbalist, which i will be starting in about 2 - 3 weeks. finally! i can't say enough good about olive leaf. it's a great anitviral. and has helped me tremendously with my emphysema, my lungs stay clear as long as i take the olive leaf. and like i said, i strongly suspect it has has been helping with my fm. it's like i don't have it anymore. but i have to keep taking it. i just found out when i stopped taking it i started getting symptoms again. the healing crisis is almost over. well if it is helping the fm, to me that just might the stealth virus theory. that's just my guess. i have a great book on olive leaf, if you want to wade through all the scientific stuff. but all that stuff are studies that prove it's efficacy. i have to get in my box of books (i don't have room for them all, lol) and find out the title and author. and as for herb books. the one i like best right now is the latest one i read by Michael Tierra, who got me on this path to begin with. but i have to dig it out of "the box" to get the exact title. i highly recommend it. a good book to start with. well, i'm going to look through the other messages now. peace! cindi
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    i'm so absentminded. all last fall and winter i took alive leaf daily. i didn't have to worry about the flu because i get the flu shot every year (heresy!lol). but i also did not get a cold or any other sort of winter illness either. in the deepest of winter, i also add on black elderberry extract, another strong antiviral. as a preventative. but if you do get a cold, the elderberry, just by itself, will reduce the severity of the symptoms and shorten the duration. there. speech over. lol. cindi

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    Hi Cibdi,
    Cindy Hear You don"t Know me But I remember you'r name ,Becuse of you board name Herblady,
    I'm Very interested in Olive Leave could you give me info, Wear i get it ect,,,
    thankyou & Congradulation on the Kids getting
    Married & The Granchildren, I Just Had my First
    Grandchild 8-4 , Was thear for the birtg & Everything
    AWSOME ,