Hi everyone. Saw the pain management doc on Monday and was

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    was feeling too bad to come and post yesterday. I promply began a sinus infection and bronchitis as if I needed that with all that is already going on.

    Anywho, pain management doc was great. Hubby went with me, he talked to us both, explained the mechanics of the disease and why now that I have finally found some happiness in my life and no longer get beat on, why this comes on with vengeance. He put me on some new meds; he put me on Depakote 500 mg take 2 at bedtime, Wellbutrin 150 mg take one tab in A.M., and Elavil, take two 10 mg tabs at bedtime. He told me he wants me on a high protein diet to gauard against musscle loss. I had thought over the past year my upper body stregenth had gotten very weak, and maybe this is the reason for the extra added protein. He said at this time, he doesn not want to use pain meds on me and I nearly fell out of my chair. But when he finished explaining it, it made sense. The way he explained this, what we have is left over pain from the past. And he said I fit the text-book pattern perfectly. White female in forties, childhood trauma; both sex and physical abuse, 2 abusive marriages, and then find some nice guy who respects me as a woman and a person, respects my work, is kind and loving to me and WHAM!! According to Dr. Oliver, my brain is so used to the body being in pain, it has to invent pain because it has only known pain for 42 out of 46 years and now is confused. He said I was not becoming ammune to the levels of pain meds, all the pain meds in the world would not stop the pain. I admitted at times, I had taken myself dangerously close to an overdose but would still hurt just as bad. He said see, that proves it. But he kept assuring both John and I that I was not crazy, it was something that has went heywire due to my past But he thinks he can help me and that is the best part. He also told me I can try any vitamins or supplements that I would like to or hear from fellow Fibro suffers that helps. So here is where you guys come in, what suppliments do you all take, what do you take them for and do they help?? Please list the things you all take.

    Yesterday, I had to go see my PCP. I go in coughing and hacking my head off. When Dr. Rogan asked me what I as there to see him there for, I told him it was either bronchitis, sinus crap, allergies, or a combo of all 3. He then said well you are certaily barking treed....... Dr. Rogan is a hunter. It turnes out I had bronchitis and sinsus infection. Geeze Louise, what great timing. When I had seen Dr. Oliver I had told him about the anxiety I was having and he told me he would rather I stuck with my PCP for that. So when I was in to see Dr. Rogan yesterday and told him how I was feeling he said it was definately anxiety and it was shooting up my B/P. So first thing, he increased my B/P medicine, he put me on buSPAR, Atavan, a Ambien for sleep, and 2 antibiotics for the bronchitis and sinus infection I have.

    Yesterday I took advantage of the anti-anxiety drugs, I took a double dose of them, turned off the ringer on the phone, made sure critters were all okay and I layed down. John came in, I woke up long enough to say hi and went back to sleep. I didn't get up with him this morning to get him off to work, I just got up about an hour ago. I think this was some much needed sleep I indulged myself in. The buSPAR and the Ativan is a god send. I no longer feel like my insides are quivering or that if I can't get away from the situation or place I am in, that I am not gonna rip my clothers off and run screaming. I can't tell you how long it has been since I felt this calm.

    So if you will guys, please list the vitamins and herbals you use and what you use them for. I am willing to try anything. And this is with Dr. Oliver's blessing. He said the more things I can find that will help myself, he can pass on to his patients as well.

    Thanx to all. You all are the best!!

    A much more calm but still hurting Karen.
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    Just to say bless the sweet man in your life tiday that loves you! I am glad you are finally getting what you deserve at least in the relationship area.

    One of the best things that I have found to take is ZMA. You take it at bed time and I have better sleep than ever in my life. I also have reduced pain with it. I no longer take anything to sleep and no longer need it. I also don't have nightmares anymore. I come from extreme abuse also.

    I truly hope that you maintain the amount of happiness that you have this moment and that if you try the ZMA, it is the mirace for you that it has been for me.

    They sell it here in the store or I bought mine at the local GNC.

    ((((HUGS)))) to you and your husband

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    I am glad that your happy with your doctor, although I do not totally agree. I can understand why sometimes we do convert emotional pain into physical pain but this isn't the case for everyone. I have been down that road before. In your case this could be true, but this isn't true for me. Some of the people I know how no pain in thier past, no childhood abuse, no verbal abuse, no loss of loved ones, and not accident that helped bring it on. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that his theroy isn't correct in some cases, but I would'nt say that he is correct in diagnosing all fibro/CFS paitents with the same theroy. I am glad that your are working through and realizing where your problem lies. The hard thing for me to accept is that I had the same thing your doctor is saying that you have. At one point I was making myself sick, this happened right after I lost my father, and what I am going through now is totally different. I hope that you get to feeling better really soon, and I hope that you don't think I was bashing your doctor because I am not, I am just going by what I have felt in the past and what I am feeling now. Best wishes to you both and lots of hugs, it must have been terrible to go through all that stuff you did, its a shame. God Bless


    Sorry forgot to list supplement lol (fog)
    Just started taking Calcium with magnesium and zinc
    Also just started taking Garlic supplement too and by breathing is awesome now, I am coughing up all the yuckiness that has been in me forever. I take a multi vitamin a day and extra vitamin c. Some days I take chitosan for fiber
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    I'm not seeing a pain specialist but am seeing a shrink. He's treating me for attention deficit and anxiety with Ritalin and Buspar. He talked about sleep meds but I declined for now. Too early (2 weeks) to tell for sure but so far it's been good. He was very strong on the idea of a stress connection to our pain, either from trauma or lack of brain chemicals.

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    and thank you so much for sharing it with us. Ya know .. what your doc said does make sense to me. Between the physical jobs I have had through out my life and the bad relationships, I think he could be on to something.

    I am now married to the most caring person I have ever encountered. Demands nothing of me..offers to help, always wants to understand what I am going through. I do not HAVE to work..although I am eagerly awaiting the day that I can go back.

    We have been married almost ten years. In that time..my symptoms have really kicked in. A long time ago in a post, I had stated that I could not understand why when I was drinking hard, working hard and under enormous stress...I actually physically felt better..hmmmmmm..it makes sense by my pattern..yet, it is so frustrating to be in this calm state of my life and have these symptoms kick in so bad.

    I would REALLY>>REALLY like you to keep me updated on this .. if you would please. It is interesting that some of the places that used to get..lets see .. how to phrase it..pounded the most, are actually places that are kinda what I would call chronic pains now. Like my cheek bones and one place in my back.

    I take juiceplus, garlic, alternate grapeseed and olive leaf. vits C B E and calcium. Also started kelp. I am wanting to start that ZMA soon.

    Thanks so much again..it kinda read like it was right to me. Hope you find help with this Doc. I also hope you have a speedy recovery from your broncitus(sp). ...Sherry

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    someone else pointed out, they knew of people who had not had any traumatic events in their lives yet they had the disease. But for me, I feel Dr. Oliver was right on the money and I am really counting on him and also gonna do everything I can to help myself.

    Thanx to all.

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    I just wanted to say that I hope that I didn't offend you with what I said in my post. I am really happy that you have found a doctor that is going to help you work through all this. I know it must have been aweful to go through all the stuff you did. There are times that I wish I knew what was causing me to have all this pain that way I could try to do something to correct it. I think that its awesome that you are getting help and that you have found a doctor that can help you. I didn't want to offend anyone, I just have somefriends that seems like they have had the perfect life comepared to some of our stories yet they are ill too. They are more confused than most of us that have had tragity because they have never had to deal with anything where as we have a tougher skin since we have lived through so much. If I offened you I truly am sorry, I wish I could say that I was figuring out what was wrong with me but unfortuanately I had the experience when my Dad passed I didn't know how to deal with it so I did make myself physically ill so I know that it can happen but back then it was so much different than what I am feeling now. I wish you all the best and I am so happy that your figuring all this stuff out. The supplements are great though, I have been taking the garlic for only a few days not and before I couldnt breath hardly and now my sinus is opened up and I am getting rid of all this mucus in my chest and it feels great to be able to breath again. I have chronic sinus infections all the time, and leads to chest congestion so I was tickled to death to find something that is actually breaking this stuff up. I hope you find some that work for you.

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    You are wonderful!!!! I just wanted to say that I know exactly what you are going thru except the sexual...well...I had some of that from my ex husbands. Yes I married 2 jerks and the first marriage was from H**L....emotional, physical and mental with a bit of sexual. The second was emotional abuse and neglect plus he ran around on me. Looks like I was a gluten for punishment. They say we tend to fall in these abusive relationships if you have been in an abusive environment your whole life. Work is still a abusive environment for me right now. I had great loving parents but the outside world has not treated me good at all and still does not. Anyway Im so glad that you have this doctor...sounds like he knows his stuff. Presently what has really helped me is Magnesium w/ malic acid...3 a day, a multi-vitamin, vitamin e, calcium 1200 mg. a day, Pantheonic Acid (B-5), MSM 2000 mg. per day.

    Hope this helps...Pammy