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    I've been sick for a few days, a cold/allergy. Or maybe change of the seasons. Its not really bad though, like in the past, before taking singulair. Its caused me to flare. Got to say this has been the worst flare of all time. Sitting, laying around like a zombie, unable to do much of anything.

    Update on Wanda. Her neice, and the neice's children and boyfriend were living with her to take care of her, plus they had been evicted and no where to go. I showed up at her house Sunday afternoon. While she was at church.. her niece and the neice's family packed up and left her. I guess they had a argument on how her finances were spent while in the hospital. Some of her members of her church were there when I showed though. We set times when we willl stay with her. Plus I am doing her laundry for her.
    I think thats soo rotton that her neice did this to her.

    We talked though, was good timeing when I showed up. Like it was meant to be. It was supposed to happen like that.
    Everything will turn out somehow.

    I go for another appointment tomorrow, to pracice job interviewing. I am hopeing it all works out with the part time job. I been praying about it alot.

    The Discipleship training this past Sunday went great. We learned about praying/quiet time everyday/ prayer every day. A suggestion on getting a devotional book for the quiet time has been suggested. The instructor said that morning time is the time to do the quiet time daily. God works on us overnight, gets things prepared and stuff overnight. We went over the chapter of Genesis. I never thought of it that way. I tried it out yesterday and today, and it was wonderful. We also got assigned Discipleship partners. We are supposed to call each other throughout the week, ask how things are going.. support etc.

    I ran across this site online. Its called Rest Ministries. They offer help on starting up a group/bible study for people with chronic pain and illnesses within your church. I am hoping my minister at church agrees on it. Maybe others here can check the site out, let me know what you think. Its a wonderful site. Try Rest Ministries in a search engine. The group that I want to start is called Hope Keepers.

    Thats about it. Hope all is doing as well as they can be.

    Love you all... Sunshyne

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    Thanks you two for replying..

    I seen online that where I live is number 12 out of 100 for the worst allerigies.. I feel a little better today. Its still hanging on though. I thank God that it is not worse, like I know it can be. Been a chronic bronchitis surferer for a long time, hospitalized in the past. I quit smoking for a time, and then picked it back up. Don't smoke as much now. I hope to quit again soon, not going to be hard on myself. I read it takes a few times to actually quit. The singulair, I believe it has been a big help!

    I wish I could do more for Wanda. I feel bad that I cannot sometimes. We talked, she understands my physical limitations and everything also. I will do what I can for her.

    I do hope the group I want to start at church happens. I feel as if thats my calling. I feel as if I am at peace for awhile. I feel as if life has come togethter at last for me. Life is so beautiful right now.

    Caint think of much else to write about.. thanks again for replying..
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    I am sorry that you have not been feeling well, also sorry for the heartache that Wanda is going through on top of what she has already been dealing with. I will be praying for the both of you. Sounds like Wanda has a really good friend in you! So, maybe you are right, things may have worked out for the best

    This Decipleship training that you have been talking about on your post sounds really nice. Wish that I had something like that to look forward to around here! We all need all the help and learning we can get! I think it is really great that you are starting a bible study and such a beautiful name Hope Keepers! Let us know how everything goes for you!
    God Bless you,