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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by poets, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. poets

    poets Member

    I just wanted to say that I haven't been on lately because these new boards are getting me so confused. Also I had a sweet picture in my profile of my husband and grandson, but it wasn't up on the old board long enough to get viewed.

    I think I need a break here to figure it all out, plus I have some heavy-duty problems with my children who decided to move to Richmone despite countless warnings. My whole family is in an uproar! My grandbabies will be over 200 miles away, and I'm just too upset to post very much right now.

    I love each and every one on the board. You have all become very dear to me no matter what board you're on. I'll be reading, but not posting much . Hopefully I'll be back. Regardless, I'll be praying for you all and keeping you in my thoughts.

    I thought I saw Doxy back. If so, a special "Hi" to her. She's quite a lady!! (And been sorely missed.)

    See Ya', and love and gentle hugs to each and every one in every section of the forum.

    Keep looking up.

  2. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    your messages just always touch my heart!and I thank you!

    I was gone for a few months...my computer charger went out and we were going through one of about a million financial hard times....I am embarassed to admit that it took me almost two months or longer to be able to afford to get the charger for my computer.....

    I was even going to use my sons computer a little bit when mine broke...but a week after my charger went out "his did too" is that ironic or what?

    I am just so happy to have my computer back so that I can visit with all of my friends here again ( including you my dear meg):)

    Sweet Meg...this new board is a big change for all of us....but really honey just keep working and trying it is going to be ok....

    I too feel almost like I am homesick and miss the old board so much....but it will get better, I just feel it...

    I try to spend a few hours each night trying different things on here to learn it..in between posting etc....

    How is that sweet son of yours....will you please give him a "doxy hug" from doxy..he is one great person and you are to be commended on raising such a wonderful person like him!

    Meg....I am so happy that we can talk again.......so when you figure it all out and feel comfortable please write to me......

    I have missed you dear.....

  3. jole

    jole Member

    I know I haven't responded to your posts much, I'm usually on the chit chat board, but see you occasionally.

    Most of us need a break now and then when things get overwhelming for us, but please know that you will be missed, and we hope you will return soon. I'm sorry to hear that you have issues at home to mend. Having your little ones move so far away must be very hard....my grandbabies are my life, as I'm sure yours must be for you.

    We love you, and wish you the best. Please come back as soon as possible!

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