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    i made a thread about indigestion, but what i should have posted was i have an ulcer, i have a white tongue, that is not clearing with the liquid nystatin. i develope heat in my belly, back and left leg, i also have ringing in my right ear, espealliy, when i put food, water, or any pills in my mouth, it stats getting loud, like a runner away train. also i am seeing my food when i used the bathroom. i am also suffering with candida,i need help in all three areas. thanks..... can someone tell me what is good to used to help stop seeing my food in my bowel.. ....and what besides candex, threelac, olive leaf extract, and grapefruite leaf extract is out there.....i also have insommia, at this time im talking ambien, and sleep for me is now down to 1 hour from being about 5 hours since a week ago. i have done all ct scan, mri, sono, and everything retun normal, yet, im losing weight, and feel so sick....i have cancel my gym membership, since it has been on freeze since june, and i still was paying half of my dues....,everyone here on this site has been so nice and helpful to me, im very comfortable with the members here, i start my day coming here, i rarely check my emails, or watch tv, but i just need to say thanks for your guidance and kind words, im struggling with this illnes mostly alone, and kids can ignore you,so they can live there lifes in peace...i hope i am not sounding like im repeating myself. have a good tuesday everyone.

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    I know just what you mean. I think alkalinizing your system will help like you're looking into. Especially if you add more veggies that your body likes into your daily diet.

    I've found Psyllium to help me. I drink it daily. The capsules don't work for me. I have to stir it up in water. It's the same stuff that in Metamucil but I don't like that brand but will use it if it's all I have. I use Trader Joes's, don't know if you have one near you or not.

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  3. street129

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    im in new york, and i will look into this, thanks. i am eating a lot of veggies as i type. I am reading the ph miracle. lot of stuff to remember.
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    Look up kefir. It is a good source of probiotics and also can be beneficial for ulcers.

    It sounds like you still might need digestive enzymes because you are not digesting your food properly, but I don't know about the interaction between digestive enzymes and an ulcer - you should ask your doctor about this.

    On another post I recommended the enzymes wtih hydrochloric acid; however, because of your ulcer, I don't think the hydrochloric acid would be a good idea.

  5. street129

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    usless, drs. appear usless, when it comes to chronic fatigue syndrom.im going to look for one in my area today.i hope i get luckly.

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    I have the same problems as you mentioned and many others.

    I am going to post a thread right now that hopefully won't be deleted because of it's length or because the board monitor decides it is too depressing or negative or meandering and therefor in his or her mind not good for other members to read.

    But, I feel I must try to post this as it is clear in my mind right now and my instincts tell me that it is an important assessment and message.
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    This is what my sister and I did when we both had ulcers. Took Pepcid AC for about eight weeks along with Mylanta to coat the stomach and eliminated gluten from our diets. I've been on the Marshall Protocol now for a few years and the gluten problem is much better but it was awful for a while and I had horrible pains and nausea and was very weak until I figured out what was going on. You might have some other food intolerances besides gluten. By the way the Pepcid and Mylanta was what the doctor prescribed for the ulcer. I kept the stomach problems away by eliminating gluten although I can now eat some without it bothering me.

    When my mother had a problem with thrush in her mouth the nurses told her to gargle with Listerine and it cleared up.

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  8. street129

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    i will try the listerine.
  9. TigerLilea

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    Is your whole tongue white, or are they small spots all over?
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    but from far away, it look like the whole tongue white, and close up while looking hard, spot, i used blue lasterine, i gaggle, and after i spit it out, parts of my tongue remained blue, anyone can help me understand that.....thanks
  11. sascha

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    i think. might be worth it. it's not easy finding just the right things to take on your own. a holistic doctor could do testing (not Western medicine testing where every result comes back normal). i went to alternative practice and had a bunch of testing done and a lot was found wrong. then supplements can be tailored to your condition. i was put on oregano oil for one thing to combat candida condition. and of course a sugar-free diet. ( kefir was suggested for you, but i think it has a lot of sugar added- read the ingredient label). use stevia for sweetener.
    i make a great yogurt drink with yogurt, stevia, berries (usually frozen), ground flax seed. my candida situation is more under control now, so i put banana in my yogurt blender drinks. you can vary the fruit, and to make it really smooth and nutritious, you can put a raw egg in and blend the whole thing together. really it's a smoothie drink and is great for a meal. -- i add water before blending to thin it out- otherwise too thick. best, Sascha?