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    I just wanted to share how amazing God is and how He never stops caring and loving us...
    I've shared before that I'm going through chemo, and with Lupus and Scleroderma I just haven't had the energy to go to church, and also I'm back to work at Target, so the little energy I've had just goes straight to the kids, well I know I need to go back to church and was thinking that today, I need to be around fellow christians, "Jesus with skin" is how I like to look at it, well I've had a stressful 2 days with an exhusband, so I'm sitting here surfing the boards and someone from church calls, wants to know how I'm doing and is inviting us to a church bar-b-q, an outting, fellowship, just what the good Lord requested...Isn't He amazing!!!

    In Christ
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    amazing indeed....:)love the Jesus w/skin thing...cute. you are too much girl. praying for you always