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  1. vnr27

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    just sayinghi had a few doc visits with the kids, still anioux went to church sun beautiful but got very figdty in there quess the emeny wasnt to happy had not been in church in over ten years ,loved it praise god i know hes helping me thank u all ,prayed for u guys in church also, be back later want to try to clean a lil,love val
  2. danny3861

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    God bless you Val. I over worked on saturday and stayed in the sun to much and was worn out. Didn't make church I slept in. Shame on me. I'm getting to old to try and do to much in one day. Hope you have a nice day.

  3. Hikagranma

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    I was glad to see your post today - I have been thinking of you a lot. Remember my addy is in my profile - if you ever want to write.

    I can even show you a picture of m 7 month old guinea piglets.

    I don't ever get to church anymore - miss it - but the pastor comes once a month.

    Past my noon nap time - so will sign off.

    May our heavenly Bless you in more ways than you even can realize.

    Hugs Grandma