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    I've been putting all my energy into Doctor visits, catching up with lab tests, finding a new Dr. who seems very good - working up to finding help for the mold/fungus that my body is overrun with. My lips are permanently swollen and painful eating anything,which my former CFS doc had said was caused by this mold.

    Jamin - I'm glad for all of your mentioning of Vitamin D - when my new Dr. asked if I wanted a test for it, I knew to say yes right away, knowing how important it is. And the test showed that I am very low in it, and am now taking prescription strength. So thank you for all the info.

    I've checked in to the prayer requests here, but am eager now to read the other posts.

    How are you all???!!!

    Rainbow - I was thinking of you recently, and your love of angels. I have a collection of Art Cards and prints of angels painted by the great painters down through the centuries. I put them out in different places around the house in different seasons, for inspiration, comfort and joy.

    I came across this preview of a book that I am so eager to see. One of those huge art books, that also has stories and quotes about archangels and guardian angels. It said "how angels guide us by protecting and warning us of danger, healing and comforting us, and urging us to follow God's path." That made me think of you right away.

    Hope all is well on your land, and with your creatures!

    Springwater - I've been thinking and thinking since I was last here, about your asking about any exercises to deal with painful emotions.

    Recently I bought a book for my husband about the integrating of spiritual practice and emotional/psychological healing. It's based on the writings of Ken Wilbur, who is a practitioner of Vajrayana Theravadan Buddhism.

    That showed me that the teachings in the book which are for all religions would be compatible with your Buddhist teachings.

    The main thing that caught my eye as I read through the chapters on psychology, was how the writers were saying that practicing Meditation is extremely valuable, and a great contribution to the world from the East. But the West's great contribution has been psychology.

    I'm looking through the book again right now, and one of the basic things it's saying is that we need to trace our feelings back into the past - to listen to our un-conscious (which I believe is our great healer) that is speaking to us in dreams, memories, current feelings.

    Spring - I'll start a separate post to you soon to share more specifically, and to see what you think about it all.

    Haven't been able to read the Porch much, so hoping you are well!

    Hi to Holly and TwoCats - sending my love. Going to catch up now on all the doings here.

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    Was on and saw you here. Long time no talk! Goodness, sounds like you've been busy trying to get some things figured out.
    I am also happy that Jam told us about the D3. That was one of the things that my dr. had told me that he had just read up on that helped people like me...and he wanted me to start it. Well, I started D all right, but after hearing Jam talk about it, and studying here on the net, I went with the D3. The next time he saw me, took some blood for tests, and said that my D was great. Thanks Jam!
    Good to see you here again. I've been having fun sharing my hatching little chicks story. Maybe too much so. But it was fun.
    I really hope you and your doc can figure out what is going on.
    Love, Cynthia
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    My Dr. didn't know if it was D3 or not. So, I figured I won't refill the prescription, but buy prescription strength through a vitamin place next time - to make sure it's D3.

    As for the mold problem - the tests I've had done before were very high. And it's been a domino effect of one allergy leading to another. Now highly allergic to dust, and foods - gluten, all milk products, etc. Multiple Chemical

    But the mold/fungus actually builds small webs inside the body that smother blood cells, do organ damage, etc. I've taken Nystatin for many years in the past.

    Yup, need to work it all out. It's a battle for sure. Thanks for your good wishes.

    God has been so good to me in the midst of everything - leading me closer to him, by his so generous grace!

    Hope you're getting lovely fresh eggs from your hens.

    Love, Judy

  4. windblade

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    What a beautiful gift you've given me in your 'seeing'. It makes me think that maybe I'm not so stuck in my cocoons in all areas of life - maybe I'm out of them more than I'm aware of!

    I've gone back to using your full name, Rainbow - it brings me such beauty - drenching my imagination with all those colors. AND being circled by beautiful butterflies!

    Love, Judy
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    Oh Im sorry i didnt see this post till you mentioned it on the Soulights post.

    Its been a bit hectic and was suffering a bad cold so i didnt visit here for a day or two.
    I was so happy to see you post after some time and had been wondering.

    I didnt know so much about mold. And how it can affect the body. i hope the problems
    get taken of soon. I remember during rainy season we had a damp patch on the ceiling
    and my DH kept getting colds. Could have been mold now Im thinking.

    Im a child of all sorts of influences religion wise so my thoughts are also a mixture
    of what i perceive and like others i too dont have concrete ideas. Religion itself isnt
    concrete one way or another but that doesnt even matter does it? As long as it puts
    us on a path to getting more spiritual, more compassionate, more giving. Surely one
    cant go wrong with that. And it has some meaning for later. After this lifetime later.

    You are so right about meditation and psychology. I have this book by Dr Burns on
    cognitive therapy and how to reframe our negative thoughts. it is so helpful to a
    chronic worrier like myself.

    When i meditate and am able to get into the groove, (its not easy, lol) its the one
    time i find my body relaxing and my mind at peace. A time for really rejuvenating
    this mind and body i beat up so badly by constantly being tense.

    Healing past emotions. yes, thats really key to improving on health i feel. Forgiving.
    As yet, lots of work to do in that area for me.

    Recently Ive been trying to do breathng exercises focusing on the points in my body
    which feel stuck and diseased. My right shoulder blade and gut area mainly. I try to
    breathe out what feels diseased. It feels like all the hurt, frustrations, rages kept within
    while growing up, solidified into knots and based themselves into these areas. I cant
    move my right shoulder blade without it crackling audibly and hurting. And my guts a mess.
    I remember reading Jamin sayng about how a friends depression got better after taking
    coffee enemas. I was puzzled then and now i make the connection. A clean healthy unblocked
    gut would obviously would affect all areas of the body and then mind. Even in HIndu yoga,
    so much importance is given to keeping the gut healthy. Those ancients really knew their

    I get a bit fed up of it all when I cruise along good for some days, I think thats it,
    Im truly getting better, and then i get taken down by a cold, followd by the monthly
    cycle which throws up a another round of raging emotions, and then some adverse thing
    happens, the tubewell we depend on for water has run dry, or yet some more visitors
    arrive from outside who we have to visit.

    But then reading posts on the board i realise its not just me. Everybody has to deal with
    ups and downs. Theres no constantly feeling good and things cruise along fine forever.
    Its important to recognize the good moments and savour them while one has them.

    well, you take care

    God Bless

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