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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by biddys2007, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. biddys2007

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    Hi everyone: I'am back or at least I hope so. A lot has happened in the past few months. The most recent and terrible was our daughter and her boyfriend were in a car accident a month ago now. It was a head on collision and not her fault,the other guy,who was 64,was in a hurry and passed a car turing even though he saw Nikki coming,he of course couldn't stop and hit her head on totalying her car and pushing it into a pole. She has a lot of bruises and a open fracture of her right leg,she has a rod in it from her knee to her ankle. She had been down for about 3 weeks but is now back to work on crutches and a w/c and is doing a few things on her own. She lives about 35 minutes from us so I went everyday for a while to help her,still cleaning for her,washing her clothes and shopping but she has come a long way. She has also started her classes again to get her Masters in social work/psychology. Her boyfriend got the blunt of it,he had 2 broken legs and a broken right wrist and some bones in his right hand. He was bad enough they just stablized him and sent him to St Louis to an orthapedic dr.there,even though the one that took care of our daughter was excellent he wouldn't even attempt to touch Danienl's right leg or right hand. He was in St Louis for 2 weeks. He was on active duty with the National Guard but had come for a visit when all of this happened. He is now home at his parents and doing really good too. He is a medic and is also studying for an arson investigator. They certainly had a guardian angel with them that afternoon. I have had some health problems of my own,had all my teeth out in May and then they thought I was taking mini strokes so now I have to watch for that plus the R/A has been in a flare up for a while and dr. finally changed my medicine. I also went through a period of depression boy that was not fun and hope it doesn't happen to often. I meant to put this on the chit chat board the other night but put it on the arthritis board,talk about forgetful. Still keeping busy with the church and going to start walking with some of the ladies inside of the activity building,hope that will help with some of my stress. Hope everyone has been doing good or at least enjoying a little bit of the summer. Hard to believe it is almost over. Better go,going latter today to see about my dentures and take our daughter's clothes back. Gee couldn't even have a steak for our 36th annniversary since I couldn't chew it up or really enjoy it. Oh well after I get use to my dentures we will make up for that and in a hurry. Take care everyone and hope I can keep in touch this time. Biddy
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    Welcome back, wow it seems a lot has happened to your family. I am glad everyone is okay and is going on with their lives. They certainly did have guardian angels over the.

    Well, I am glad you are back.

  3. Granniluvsu

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    So sorry to hear about the terrible accident that your daughter and her boyfriend were in. That is horrible. I am glad they are recouperating . Hope they will continue to do well. What a terrible time it must have been for you all in the family.

    Welcome back !!
    Blessings and hugs,

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    Wow you have been busy!,,,,Sorry to hear about your daughter and boyfriends accident!,,,,,Glad they are doing better now!,,,,,,,Happy Anniversary! 36 years is a long time!,,,,,,,Good to hear from you! take Care and stay in Touch!,,,,,,,,Sis
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  5. GreenOnions

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    I hope the kids are okay, and they're in my prayers.

    Hope you get to enjoy that steak soon.
  6. kellyann

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    Thank Goodness your kids are going to be okay! God was looking out for them that day!

    Happy Anniversary! Wow 36 years! That is a long, long time!
    You must have a really good husband!

    I hope you get used to your new dentures soon! I bet your hubby will take you out for a steak as soon as you are ready, haha!

  7. biddys2007

    biddys2007 New Member

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement and prayers. Nikki,our daughter,feel the other night getting into her apartment. The Lord was watching over her again,she didn't get hurt but is stiff and sore plus she landed on her right side which is the leg that is hurt;she also has some congestion in her chest but got some antibiotics for that and is doing better. She is back to work,don't know how she does it but it is good for her to keep busy. My teeth will be ready by the 29th of this month and I can hardly wait,hope I can get use to them and without any trouble. Yes my hubby is one of the best,he spoils me rotten. He is a trucker but is home on the weekends and helps me out around the house a lot. I got a few new recipes from some of our church ladies so and they are easy if anyone is interested just let me know,we have suppers at the church and some really easy food is brought plus we had our Sunday school class here for a meal in July and that is how I got the simple recipes one is for a peach pie. Thank you again everyone for your support and I'am glad to be back. Go for now and check in tomorrow. Biddy

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