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    I haven't been here in awhile....I have missed you guys! I see the site has changed somewhat, but I am still able to get in the old way. I hope that is ok.

    So how is everyone??? I have been so busy over the past few months...it is unreal. My boys are back in school (so I'm busy constantly with sports and homework) and we just celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday!!

    Well, for those of you who remember my Jason Castro obsession, (lol) I have NEWS!! I MET HIM!!!

    We went to the AI concert this past month. My friend and I went beforehand (because we already knew about the bus meet & greets when they arrived to each venue). We had read all summer about all the fans getting to meet them. The only problem was, about every 3-4 shows 3 of the Idols wouldn't come out because they had to do press. And I knew my chances were not good (I had been keeping a calendar all summer of when Jason had press, and my show looked like it would be press day).

    Anyway, it turned out to be in the 90's that day (even though the weather man said it would only be in the 70's!!) so I was really nervous because I get very dizzy in the heat. We got there around noon, and there were only about 100 people there. We had a great spot at the barricade. I was sooooo nervous...I had to keep going in the shade because I was afraid I would pass out.

    The buses finally arrived, and it took forever before Brooke finally came out. She was so nice, and so pretty in person. Someone asked her if Jason was coming out and she said she didn't know because he had press that day. :(
    I got my pic with her and an autograph.

    Then Kristy Lee came out...she is beautiful in person. And she was REALLY sweet. Got a bunch of pics with her and her autograph also. When she left....nothing. We just waited and waited. We kept asking the guards when they were coming and they just told us to wait until 4 pm, saying it was possible he could still come out.

    Then we heard screams, and I ran and saw it was David A. I was so excited to see him in person. I watched him walk down the line, and he took his time and took pics with everyone and gave autographs. When he got to me, I threw my piece of paper at him, and asked for a picture. So I put my arm around him, waiting for the picture, but he was busy signing my paper (haha) and he was singing to himself while he signed it. He was soooooo sweet, and so adorable in person!! I got a lot of great pictures of him.

    Carly came out too, but she was very rushed, and she wouldn't even look at me while she was talking to me. I asked for a picture and she said no...that she didn't have time. She was beautiful in person, but she just turned me off, I guess...cuz she was kinda rude. But...maybe she was having a bad day, I don't know.

    So we waited until 4 pm, and no Jason, no Cook, and no Michael Johns (I was really hoping to meet them.) I was devastated, to say the least. BUT....we went back to the concert later (which was great...except for a few minor mishaps) and we decided to stay after to meet the Idols, because we knew they always came out after to sign autographs....we got a spot right in the front!

    First, KLC came out...my 9 y/o son thought she was so pretty and she took a pic with him. He really wanted to meet Chikezie...we got him a poster of Chikezie for him to sign, but he never came out. My son was bummed. Then we were just waiting, waiting, waiting....then suddenly...I saw JASON running up the hill!!! I almost passed out!!

    I watched him make his way down the line, and I was taking video (oh, the battery on my digital camera died during the concert, so I only had the camera on my camcorder....I was so upset about that.) When he got to us, I didn't know what to say...I just handed him my poster, and he signed it. The whole time, my son kept yelling "JASON! We are your biggest fans! Will you give her a hug?? She is going to faint!" LOL....I had to keep telling him to be quiet!

    Then my husband got a pic of me with Jason...I was trying to lean back for the picture, and my face was buried in his hair...it looks so funny. The pic is awful...it came out very blurry. I will try to put that in my profile at some point. But for now, my autograph is in my profile.

    Then he signed my son's arm. He was so excited. My husband had my 6 y/o son on his shoulders, and he yelled for Jason and my son reached out and shook Jason's hand...and Jason said "HEYYYY Dude!" My son's face just lit up...he was so happy! And so was I! Jason really took his time making sure he got to everyone (and there were 100's of people there at night).

    Sorry this was so long...there is a lot more, but I wanted to tell you all about it. Hope everyone is doing well!!

    ps...after I met Jason, a couple David A fans that were next to us came running to me. They asked Jason if they could have his water bottle, and he gave it to them, and they brought it to me!! haha....I must sound like such a crazy fangirl! LOL!
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    I really did know that you met him! I figured you worked it through the fan club but I just knew you'd work it.

    Good for you!

    How exciting is that?!

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    So great to hear from you!,,,and WoW!

    That is so exciting that you got to Meet Jason!,,and that you got to go to the concert,,,I can tell that this has made you very happy! and thats a great thing for sure!,,,,,,so cute what your son said to Jason about you guy's being his biggest fans!,,,,Life does have some really Great Moments,,,this is one you will always remember and treasure!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sis
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    WOW Kjade! I am so happy and excited for you. This almost makes all the emotional trauma of him getting voted off AI worth it. You never got to see David Cook right? So if Jason had won, the events may not have played out this way.

    This deserves one of those annoying combined couple names, like TomKat or Brangelina. Now that you have met Jason and become one with his hair, you shall be known as "Kjadeson."

    How great of the David A fans to give you, (obviously THE biggest Jason fan EVER) his water bottle!!! Did you drop it in a plastic bag, CSI style, and shrine it under glass to preserve the finger and lip prints for eternity? Those fans could have kept that bottle, or sold it on Ebay for a fortune, but they chose to give it to you. So sweet! My faith in humanity is restored.

    Too bad Carly was so rude. Funny how all the others had time to take pics with the fans, but she didn't. Some people lose their sense of humility with fame. They forget who put them where they are. Even if she was having a bad day, and was short on time, it wouldn't have killed her to at least make eye contact.

    It sounds like most of them are very devoted to the fans. It sounds like you came home with a lot of great souvenirs from your Idol experience. Sorry the Jason photo came out blurry. But you MET him, touched his hair and have his DNA on a water bottle!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Plus, a great family experience you will never forget!

    Thanks for sharing your story! Hurry and post a picture before they take the old site down!
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    You have been so missed!! Welcome back to the board!! I just knew you would somehow meet Jason over the summer! I am so glad it was such a wonderful, positive experience for you and your family. I am not at all surprised that he was so nice; it just seems embedded in his personality.

    Anyway, glad to see you post again and am delighted that your summer was so enjoyable.

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    How nice to see you or hear from you again !! So glad that you got to see your guy Jason. That is wonderful you got to see him and get his autograph, etc. . Yes, as Elaine said lock up that photo for safe keeping if you got a photo (-: !!! If not you can still lock up his autograph or just put in a special book for safe keeping !! How neat he was so personable to you and your family.

    I know you will remember that for a very long time. So glad you cane to tell us about it !! I rememaber you talking about him on the chat board. Oh, to be young again (-: !!!! AAAHHHH those were the days .

    Hugs and blessings,

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    Yes, I had a great time at the concert...it's weird because after being a major part of the fan club, I had already heard the concert sooooo many times, that by the time my concert rolled around (listening on live feeds) it wasn't much of a surprise by the time I finally went.

    But Jason sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", "Crazy" (which was recently done by Gnarls Barkley, but he sang the Ray LaMontagne version), and "Daydream". He was AWESOME!!! THey all were pretty good....I'd tell you about all of them, but that might be really boring.

    No I didn't get to meet David Cook, which was disappointing....he usually always came out before and after the shows. Not sure where he was for my show, but he was REALLY GOOD in concert....like a true rock star!
    I think near the end of the tour, the idols were just tired of doing the fan meets...and as luck would have it, my show was near the end. Because the ones in the beginning got to meet everyone, and the idols were more cheerful then. But they played a show almost every night, so I suppose they got very tired.

    AGAIN...as my luck would have it, Jason was sick at my show...but he still managed to come out. Only Jason, David A, & KLC came out after my show. I felt really bad for these Cook fans I met who came from another state to meet him, and he didn't make an appearance. But such is the life of a crazy fan I guess!! LOL.

    That's another thing...I have never been a part of any fan club, whatsoever, in my entire life. Never joined fan clubs online or anything. It is very strange, and sometimes upsetting. There is a lot of fighting that goes on and I never liked that part. The group I met is wonderful though. OK! I have rambled enough!!

    I changed the profile pic....hope it works. I tried and tried to make that pic look better, but it's all I have. This was right after he talked to me for 10 seconds.
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    Its great having you post again~(I thought maybe we were the forgotten ones :) LOL
    You are so funny with your HUGE crush on Jason!!
    yur like a kid in a candy store with him.

    I'm so glad you got to meet him.
    I went to the live AI tour too and saw all them.
    only on stage tho cause I'm not going early and I'm not staying after~ My fibro has me in ball and chains.
    I was desperate to get home to my bed~
    It was super fun tho,and worth staying up late.

    Was'nt Carly really good in person tho??
    She sang really good.
    ok,... enough blabbin,
    hope your around more,