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    I just had pics taken of the baby (she's one month already!) and they took a few with all of the kids too. I posted my favorite pic in my profile if you want to see it. :)

    The boys start school on Wed, so it has been pretty busy around here. Buying school supplies and getting everything ready for the 1st day.

    The baby is doing really well. She is much more alert now and stays awake most of the day. She still gets up at night, but we are in a much better routine, so it has been getting easier.

    I have to go back to work next week, and I am not looking forward to that at all! It is making me so sad. But I am trying to cherish every moment (however crazy it is around here) because I will never get this time back. I am TRYING not to dwell on the fact that I have to leave her for the first time. It always breaks my heart to have to go back to work. I will probably be very depressed (already getting there.) I'm sure there will be a ton of work there waiting for me. They always do that to me.

    My boys started football a few weeks ago and my younger son had his 1st game yesterday! Very exciting...they won 36-6! He really doesn't know what he is doing yet, but he'll learn! Just like my older son. It is so cute though watching 7 y/o's play football with all the equipment...it is so much fun. I love football season! My older son is in his 4th year and he is really good this year. He is even playing QB this year!! I am so proud of him.

    Well, must get things done around here...I don't have much time left to be home. Hope everyone is doing well!!
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    What a lovely picture of your family. Theyare all so precious. Enjoy them while they are so l young. My baby son is 35 and my eldset daughter is 46 !! OMG, has the time gotten away from me - YIKES!!

    Oh, I remember really well when our son started football when he was 6 years old. At that time he ws not that big and the pants that are supposed to fit like knickers (sort of) fit like long pants. Yes, with their body full of gear they looks so cute and "really tough" or at least they think they did. He loved football and we all enjoyed going to the games. he played until he was in HS. He played other sports too but I think he enjoyed that the most. He was such a sweet kid but when he put on that uniform he just loved to "make contact" , if you know what I mean !! His sisters loved towatch to and all ove football the best, at leawt the last 3. However, now that my eldest daughter has a twin that lives sports and football she has got to like it too :) !!

    Two of the girls played softball and one was a good pitcher. To bad they did not have HS football at that time or whe probably could have gotten at least a partial scholarship. Oh well !!

    I am so glad little Sydney is in a little routine now, even if she doesn't sleep completely through the night. She'll get there.

    I know what you mean about having to leave them at day care when they are so little. Yes, the grow up to fast. Hwever, you need the money, obviously, so you don't have a choice. She will be fine I am sure. I was lucky that I got to stay homw with mine and when my last one started school I started my own daycare in my home. However, that would be a difficult thing to do these days with all the regulations and stuff happeneing. Plus, one has to be soo careful with the children now. Most of the ones I watched were babies, toddlers, or up to K or some pre-K.. However, I did watch some after school for awhile when I had to but that was not my thing. In those days women were just starting to put the little ones in daycare and going back to work, or at least not as much as today.

    Well, I have got to go and dosome chores before dinner and chorale practaice tonidhg.t

    Thanks for the update and very adorable picture of your little ones. That is beautiful with them all with the baby. Little Sydney is a doll and the others are REALLY CUTE !! .

    Keep up the updates and try not to worry to much about the baby while you are at work although I know you will miss her. Hopefully too the peeps at work will realize how much they missed you and your work !!

    Bye for now !


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  3. what a lovely picture of your family, you must be so proud and happy to have a adorable family.
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    Your children are just beautiful!! You've got to be the proudest mommy ever.....what a wonderful miracle each one is, and I'm sure totally different in personalities. Such fun!!

    Going back to work has got to break your heart. I remember missing my baby's first steps and having my MIL rub it in for years...lol....not fun at all!

    Wishing you and yours lots of love......Jole
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    That my sweet is one stunning photo. Your children are beautiful and the photog captured their essence perfectly. And I should know, my hubby is a wedding photog!! It is a gorgeous shot and I know you will cherish it always.

    Once you get back to work and establish your own routine you won't feel as bad. Set aside a few minutes in the evening, maybe have everbody else clean up after dinner while you snuggle up with Sydney, and you will look forward to that each and every day. Perhaps it will take the edge out of leaving her, which I know tears at your heart. I used to take my youngest with me everywhere, even on the most mundane errands, just to spend extra time with her. She was the most resilient of my three because she got dragged everywhere--LOL!!

    Anyway, you will be in my thoughts this week as you get your little ones on their way and get back to work. And count your blessings that there is a job to return to with the economy the way it is. Everybody is healthy, that's ALL that counts. I will never forget something that happened to me years ago. It was late fall 1993, and I was very pregnant with my youngest and feeling a bit sorry for my swollen self. I took the twins to a local playground late in the afternoon and I sat wearily on a park bench as I watched them. A short time later, a kindly, elderly gentleman with a cane sat down next to me and struck up a conversation. He was very sweet, and after a few minutes asked me if I was healthy, feeling okay.He then asked me if my husband was healthy, and gestured townard the twins playing, and I assured him that they were healthy too. With that, he touched my arm, and said,"My dear, you know what you got then? You've got heaven in your hat." As he stood up and wished me good luck and a good day, I wondered where he came from, but was grateful for his message. I never forgot it, and I want to pass it on to you. Kjade, you've got heaven in your hat!!

    Peace and love to all--Laura
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    You have an absolutely beautiful family...and the lil one is so big already...shes gazing as
    if she understands whats going on around her...how proud you must be.

    I know you will be busy now after rejoining work...and soon even the wee one will be big.
    How important it is to enjoy each moment as it comes...Im glad you had all that time
    with baby Sydney Rose and the others.

    Take care

    God Bless

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    Granni: Thanks for such kind comments. I always love hearing from you and I love your advice!
    I know my kids are getting bigger everyday and I try to remember each moment, because I know they won't stay this young forever. That is why I take so many pictures and videos. DH and I were just talking about this the other day. Our oldest son is 10, and he just looks so "old" to us lately. Especially when he puts on that football uniform. He looks like a grown kid! It's so sad, b/c we still have his baby pics hanging around the house....he was such an adorable baby. But he (and my other kids) are turning out to be really good kids. Which much mean we are doing something right. :)

    We LOVE football season. This is my oldest son's 4th year, and he has gotten so GOOD! We couldn't be more proud because he earned his place as a captain on this team this year. He is so awesome. And my younger one is learning and he loves the game. I'm sure once he knows what he is doing, he will do very well.

    Fibrobutterfly: Thank you for such nice words. I do love this picture...it is my desktop and everytime I look at it, I am reminded how blessed I am to have such a beautiful family.

    Jole: Thank you! Yes, it is hard to be working when the baby is little. I have always felt that I saw the "firsts" first. Even if my sitter did, she never let on...she probably knew it would hurt so badly. Yes, I am so proud. And they are all so different. My oldest son and my older daughter are exactly alike (they are just like DH) and my second son is JUST like me. I am thinking my youngest daughter will be like me too. She is already pretty quiet! lol

    Terch: Thank you! My family has adjusted beautifully to the new baby. It's almost like nothing has changed. I am amazed at how easy it has been this time around. Probably cause I have so much experience. LOL. And yes, I know you can get a year off in Canada. That is how it SHOULD be in the US. 6 wks is nothing. How can the employer expect us to function when we are not getting enough sleep? It's so hard. But thanks for your kind words.

    Laura: Your post brought tears...."heaven in your hat" - I love that. That man was sent to you to give you that message for a reason. And you were sent here to me to pass that on. I believe that. And I will never forget that message. I am blessed and I know this. It's not always easy, but God chose ME to be the mother of these children for a reason. I will have a hard time going back to work. But I have already done this 3 times before, and I have to keep telling myself that it will get easier.
    Thank you for your message...you have no idea what that meant to me.

    Thank you...Syd is getting bigger. It is amazing how she is looking more like a little gerber baby, and not a newborn anymore. I know she has already gained a couple pounds, and a couple inches. She is already growing too fast for me!! And I cherish every moment I am with her. It won't be long before she is running around with the others (not looking forward to THAT. lol)

    I always appreciate "talking" to you all, and I thank you for all of your support and advice. Bless you all for taking the time to read and write to me.