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    Hi everyone, Im new to the boards. My doctor has not officially diagonsed me with FM, but he's leaning that way and has prescribed Celebrex and Remeron for me. My question is... My knees have alot of pain and they are always red in color and also i get sores <pimple like> on my thighs and under my arms. I've never had pimples before and not sure if this is FM related. Anyone else get this? Some days my pain is minimal and other days I ache all over especially in my upper arm area and breasts.
    Thanks in advance, for any input
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    welcome to the board. i wanted to respond to your message to "bump" it to the top of the list because messages can get buried fast here due to the number of posts. the skin redness and breakouts are not familiar to me, but others who have experience with candida might have something to say. the knee, upper arm, and breast pain can be fibro symptoms. diagnosis is a very perplexing and painstaking process......wow.....three "p" words in one sentence!
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    just want to say hi and i will bump this for you