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    I have decided to file for disability. I tried the Vocational Rehab. Going to school 4 hours a day.. I cannot even hack it anymore. I am finished with school now anyways. Mabye at a later time, work from home. I can now spend more time anyways with my kids, work on me, my family. Hope to have some fun this summer. Do what I can do, and whaterver I can't.. Not feeling guilty or bad because I can't.

    The most wonderful thing that came of the Vocational Rehab.. Is the couselling that was offered, and I took it. Found out I am a co-dependent person. Not sure if you all know what that is. Wondered for the longest why I act the way I do, and just reading a few pages of a pamplet.. It all hit home. So... Going to group therapy and one on one therapy. Its made the world of difference.

    I do not accept it all, the Fibromyalgia. I am learning to live with it.

    Muscle pain in legs has gotton worse. Hard to walk, every step is agonizing. I am now on Vicodins for pain, not helping. Another good thing is that the therapist also got me in on a sliding scale doc. Go to that place in July. He is also trying to get me help with the pain..Its the main concern. My therapist is looking for a sliding scale Pain Management doc too. My husbands health insurance cancelled. No longer covered. He is still on Workers Comp.. Herniated disk, neck problems, has MS.

    Summer is almost here! Kids last day of school is tomorrow. I couldnt sleep, the pain is so intense. So thought I would drop by and just write, whats on my mind.


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    I am have co-dependency traits in the higher levels, intense traits. Working on it with therapy, group therapy. Comes from stuffing emotions, being critisized, emotional and physical abuse when a child. Its being the one in the family who always took care of eveyone else, including needs, protecting them too.. Not caring for myself and my needs.

    Thanks for replying, and you too have a good summer! How are you doing with it all?
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    I would just love to have the paperbacks.. Thank you. I am not sure how to get ahold of you, the email to talk about it. I would be more than happy to pay for postage.

    I found the post.. LOL.. After reading Mikie's suggestion on putting your own screen name in to search for replies..

    Let me know what to do to get ahold of the paperbacks..
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    Thought I would say too what the outcome of the disability is..

    I went to the SSI office to get the application to file. I am short a couple credits to qualify. The other one..For people who need the money..dont have the credits..Well I am not qualified to recieve that either. By my husbands income, he is on Workers Comp, brings home around 2 thousand a month. They told me if I work for 5 years, bringing in at the least 4 thousand a year, I would then be eligible for SSI. If my husband and I were to split, then I would be eligible for financial help. In ways thats a relief, since my marriage is on the rocks big time. (a whole nother story)

    Anyways, decided to try working for now. I am looking for part time work, 20-30 hours a week, either in desktop publishing, or administration assisting. Got job leads. Had a job interview last week and hope to get a call back early in the week to see if I got that job or not.. Supposed to eventually turn into a telecommute job. So right now.. Job searching. The school I go to, through vocational rehab. Well, they are a great help! A great help on job leads, building self confidence, self esteem, met so many ohters with disabilites and we put heads together and work together solving problems. Met some great friends, I commute to school with one, so met some friends..

    Learning to become more dependent on myself. Its happening in good ways too.