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    how is your work going now? any new changes for the better for you?

    did yu go out shopping for shoes?

    well i'm just trying to stay cool....i have a headache and sinus hyurting and the throat is going as well...

    i think my friend w/the twin boys and the 3 yr. old gave me something.....

    i don't think i will be staying at their house next year football camp..the dogs were barking next door all night long..

    the kids were up early...their security alarms beep with every movement ...i just had a difficult time sleeping.

    then she did tell me the day i got back from three days there...she was mad at me for not going to the post office to watch her three toddlers in her truck...she told me it was only going to be like 5 minutes in big lots...i sat in her suv w/toddlers for nearly an hour..,.

    and i need to get back to cody's football camp...i had 5 gallons of water sitting in my car for hs team....and he needed his subway sandwich for lunch...it was well into the 100s and those poor kids were wearing full pads and helmets...and his team wears black...

    kids including mine had heat exhaustion....

    she was frustrated that she didn't have anyone to hardly ever watch her kids while she ran errands....i told you about this already..

    but my instints were correct she was mad...but she got over it.

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    i am not going to tell not to stress because i am the last one to tell that to someone....

    but you know i am here for you anyteme...i am not feeling very well right now...i think i go that darn virus...i just made a grill cheese sandwich....now i am going to head for some excedrine....

    i'll be back on in a little while..i am icing my darn elbow...i ache....blah blah blah.